It’s a Dog-gone Gift Guide

by Marina

I’m part of a dog agility club and every year we have a Christmas party where we play the Yankee Swap present game. Most people have toys, treats, blankets or beds in the wrapped gifts but sometimes it’s nice to shake it up a bit and find a fun or interesting book that focuses on dogs–either real or fictional. Here’s a short list of contenders that might find their way into my gift this year.
dog book 1

First up is the book A Matter of Breeding: A Biting History of Pedigree Dogs and How the Quest for Status Has Harmed Man’s Best Friend by Michael Brandow. In this book we are given a fascinating look at the rise of purebred dogs and how their health and function were corrupted for looks, style, and social and economic status. Really, who doesn’t want to know that the tuxedo coat of the Boston terrier is a result of years and years of inbreeding?

dog book 2


Next on my list? Well, let’s go a little bit lighter (ha ha–just kidding). How about Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls? A young boy growing up in the 1930s Ozarks saves his money for over a year to buy two Coonhound pups to raise and train to hunt. This touching story about their love and friendship remains a favorite of mine.



dog book 3

Ok, kidding aside, I really will go a little bit lighter with my next entry. Based on the blog of the same name let’s take a look at Dog Shaming by Pascale Lemire. Photos are included in which owners share their dogs’ biggest sins. It will both make you laugh and probably make you feel a lot better about the behavior of your own dog. I know it did for me.


dog book 4


And, lastly, I’ll go with a classic option. James Herriot’s Favorite Dog Stories which includes a treasure from my childhood, Only One Woof.




I know there are a lot of dog fanciers out there. Any additional titles you would recommend?

As part of sharing for the holidays here is a classic video of myself and my first agility dog at an agility trial. Notice the intense concentration as she makes her way through the weave poles. Emoji-Face-Wink-Yellow-Images-540x324

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