Did You Like Overlord?

By Jennifer K.

Overlord was a 2018 World War II movie in which good guys parachute into occupied France, where they fight Nazis and also zombies. That’s right: there are good guys, Nazis, zombies, and zombie Nazis. There’s also a beautiful French Resistance fighter, several vials of glowing liquid, and a zombie-making Nazi scientist who wears those sinister little round glasses. I saw it in the theater, and I can promise you, this is not your father’s World War II movie. This is a World War II movie that uses an AC/DC song in the trailer.

Needless to say, it was awesome.

If you liked Overlord (or if you haven’t seen Overlord but just put it on your to-see-immediately list), you like action-packed war fiction, you like paranormal horror tropes like zombies and vampires, and you’re not about to let a little thing like historical inaccuracy get in the way of a good time.
This is a list of books for you.

The Keep by F. Paul Wilson


It is 1941, and the German soldiers stationed in a remote Romanian castle are not happy. Something is killing them, one by one, night after night. An elite SS squad is dispatched to take care of the matter. Who will win this battle of inhuman Nazi war criminals vs. an inhuman Transylvanian creature of the night?

The Wolf’s Hour by Robert R. McCammon

Michael Gallatin is a master spy, sent to Nazi-occupied Paris to uncover a German strategy to thwart the D-Day invasion. He’s uniquely qualified for living in the shadows and avoiding the Gestapo: he’s a werewolf, and he’s more than willing to unleash his inner demons to defeat the enemy.

At the Table of Wolves by Kay Kenyon

Sometime in the last twenty years, people began to develop X-Man-like paranormal powers. As the Third Reich comes to power in Germany and war looms on the horizon, one question becomes paramount: which side will most effectively weaponize these new abilities? The fate of England might lie in the hands of a plucky spy with a talent for making people talk.

The Midnight Front by David Mack

On the eve of the war, an American in Oxford is attacked by Nazi sorcerers. Now Cade Martin is on a quest for vengeance, even if that means making a deal with actual demons and apprenticing himself to the Allies’ top-secret magical warfare program. Will he survive the demons of Midnight Front in order to strike against the Axis?
Would you like more of the same? Check out this list!
And if you can think of any other great paranormal World War II reads that I’ve missed, let us know in the comments.

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2 responses to “Did You Like Overlord?”

  1. Isaac H says:

    Great list Jennifer! Overlord has been on my watch list since it was first announced. Mainly due to similiarities to a long running PC/console game series that I’ve been a fan of for years (Wolfenstein). Another book series with sort of similiar ‘Speculative WWII’ universe that I enjoyed was the Worldwar series by Harry Turtledove. It’s comparable, only instead of zombies it’s about aliens that invade at the onset of World War II. It’s pretty weird fun stuff.

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