D.E.A.R. and Celebrate Beverly Cleary’s 100th Birthday

by Marina

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Today marks the 100th (!!!!!) birthday of beloved children’s author Beverly Cleary. She created such memorable characters as Ralph S. Mouse, Henry Huggins and the spunky, unforgettable Ramona Quimby.

Today is also the day that has been selected to celebrate the month-long event of Drop Everything and Read (D.E.A.R.). This event was started from a brief mention in Ramona Quimby, Age 8.

And even though Ramona preferred the moniker of Sustained Silent Reading because it sounded more “grown-up” she, and legions of Ramona fans, found a reading objective that they could easily get behind.

As Ramona highlights the finer points of D.E.A.R. and why it was one of the best things in her school day:

“How peaceful it was to be left alone in school. She could read without trying to hide her book under her desk or behind a bigger book. She was not expected to write lists of words she did not know, so she could figure them out by skipping and guessing.

Mrs.Whaley did not expect the class to write summaries of what they read either, so she did not have to choose easy books to make sure she would get her summary right. Now if Mrs.Whaley would leave her alone to draw, too, school would be almost perfect.”

Good thing Mrs. Whaley didn’t make it Drop Everything and Draw. That’d be D.E.A.D. Which actually IS a thing.

So, join the D.E.A.R. community and celebrate a centennial for Beverly Cleary by picking up a good book and dropping everything else. For a little while.


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