by Brian H.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than hearing a great original song reworked into something new. You get to hear something that sounds familiar, something you already like, in a new way. A new voice, a new set of instruments or without instruments, a new arrangement, or a new take on the meaning behind the lyrics that brings the song to life again. You might find a song that you’d didn’t take to in its original version but now find yourself drawn to it in a cover version.


There are many lists of best covers (and worst covers) out there.  So rather than come up with a top ten list, I’ll just call this list Covers I Like. Please share covers you like in the comments below. No doubt we’ll end up with a top 10 list to rival anything out there on the internet.






5 responses to “Covers”

  1. Alyssa says:

    This stripped down, countrified Leonard Cohen cover is perfect.

  2. Readiculous says:

    I am a purist, and I most enjoy hearing songs the way they sounded on the original album. So I like covers that closely match the original. This is why, as much as I love Elton John, I can’t bring myself to see him live in concert. I love Phil Collins’ cover for Can’t Hurry Love, The Carpenters’ Please Mr. Postman, and Cheap Trick’s Ain’t That a Shame (I’m hearing the drums in my head right now). I also enjoyed Eric Clapton’s own reboot of Layla in the slowed-down acoustic version.

    • Brian H. says:

      A few of the covers in my Covers I Like list stray pretty far from the original. But I do know what you mean…covers that don’t stray too far appeal in a special way. Thanks for the cover suggestions. Listening to them right now!

  3. Feral ranger says:

    Johnny boy would love this
    A tribute to John Martyn

    I liked every track on this double disc. The standouts for me were Small Hours by Robert Smith and Tearing & Breaking by Phil Collins but everything in-between is brilliant. I don’t usually like tribute albums all that much so this was a true surprise.

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