Coming of Age and Coming Out: LGBTQ+ Graphic Novels for Teens

By Kaley

Hello! Do you like to see yourself in the books that you read? Do you like graphic novels? What about coming of age stories? Can you maybe tell I’ve had a lot of coffee before I sat down to write this? It’s no secret that I find graphic novels to be compelling literature, but I think we can kick that up a notch by looking for books about queer identifying teens. Helping young people find books in which they can see themselves is important, and so is reading books that have folks who are different than you! Here’s a few books I’ve checked out that I’ve enjoyed, plus a bonus novel at the bottom. I make the rules and that means I can break them, too, am I right?

As the Crow Flies


Some of Melanie’s art in which they explore books as mirrors.

Wow, Melanie has knocked it out of the park with this one! The illustrations they have done are absolutely stunning, and have set the tone for an introspective book. In it, Charlie has sign on for a Christian summer camp. When she arrives, she realizes she is the only black person attending. She immediately feels like an outcast, which is compounded as queer person. But a friendship with another camper helps her feel less alone in a whitewashed world.

Check, Please!

A sweet graphic novel staring a figure skater that loves baking and maybe his hockey captain, too. I highly recommend this one!

Your bonus novel that I couldn’t resist adding: I Wish You all the Best

Ben moves in with their older sister after their parents threw them out of the house when they came out as nonbinary. Now in a new home and school, felling a bit overwhelmed, new friend Nathan might have more than friendship in mind. But first, Ben must come out to him.


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2 responses to “Coming of Age and Coming Out: LGBTQ+ Graphic Novels for Teens”

  1. Lindsey A. says:

    Check Please is so cute! I was in agony when I found out the second book won’t publish until 2020, as it was originally slated for 2019. Bloom was really good, too, and made me crave bread. I’m definitely adding As the Crow Flies to my TBR now! It sounds awesome and I like her style.

    • Kaley C says:

      It’s so very cute! I also got a zine Melanie wrote about one of the main characters in it that gives more background to her story. Also, Melanie uses they pronouns 🙂 Let me know if you’d like to borrow it!

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