Come Fly with Me

By Julie T.

I’m a casual birder, taking enjoyment in Dark-eyed Juncos dancing along suburban sidewalks, skies filled with crows en route to Bothell, and squadrons of brown pelicans soaring over rocky ocean outcroppings. On a recent morning over coffee, my mother-in-law identified birds flitting about the blackberry brambles across the street from her house. From a pair of binoculars, I could see the wind ruffle their feathers as they searched for breakfast. While many enjoy birding as a hobby, there is much the casual observer can appreciate over the course of their day. It doesn’t matter if you’re urban, suburban, or rural, birds of various shapes and sizes touch base in your neighborhood.

One of my favorite memoirs explores loss, raptors, and T.H. White. Helen Macdonald, author of H is for Hawk, teamed up with the BBC to produce a one hour special on her life in the years since she wrote about the loss of her father and training a goshawk named Mabel. The documentary delves into this new chapter in Macdonald’s life as she takes a new goshawk under her wing. She emerges much as a phoenix does from the ashes of grief to create a new life.

The Guide to Birding in North America





If you want to take your bird-watching to the next level, The Guide to Birding in North America, a twenty-four part DVD lesson led by instructor Jamie Currie. This course inspires a greater appreciation for and understanding of birds, in addition to making it an enjoyable pastime.

Flock to my film list, Come Fly with Me. It offers a range of DVDs that touch on bird behavior and our connections to our avian neighbors. This selection is just the tip of the iceberg, with many more fascinating titles available in our collection! Share your favorite titles, as well as your go-to bird-watching spots, in the comments.




6 responses to “Come Fly with Me”

  1. Brian says:

    Having grown up in Bothell I can readily see in my mind the flocks of crows flying over head and nesting in the trees. Thanks for this great list of documentaries!

    All with a heart for birds and the environment will want to attend this special screening of the documentary “Albatross” by Chris Jordan. It will play at the Oak Harbor, Coupeville and Freeland Libraries

    Albatross – A Documentary Film by Chris Jordan
    Coupeville Library – Coupeville Meeting Room
    Wednesday, March 06: 5:30pm – 7:00pm
    In the heart of the great Pacific, a story is taking place that may change the way you see everything. See the film; meet the creator, Chris Jordan this May.

    • Julie Thompson says:

      This area is definitely a great place for crow enthusiasts! Thank you for sharing event info on the upcoming Albatross documentary!

    • Alez says:

      One of the things I miss most about graduating UW Bothell is the giant murder that lives there. I took a lot of late classes, and I loved that I was often able to watch the crows come home to roost as the sun set.

  2. Barbara Deaton says:

    another lovely read, full of heart is GIFTS OF AN EAGLE, Kent Durden all love and patience !!

  3. Lindsey A. says:

    Birds are some of my favorite animals to watch, too. I always try to imagine what they’re thinking. I never seem to catch them in the act of courtship, but this segment from Planet Earth is one of my favorite things ever:

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