Celebrating Women’s History Month

by Lois H.

March is Women’s History Month! I believe that we should celebrate the many accomplishments of women every day of the year. However, I also appreciate the designation of a month as a reminder to celebrate, educate, and think about the future. This March, I have decided to try to only consume books, music, and movies created by women. I want to be more thoughtful about the media I choose to seek out and continually work toward expanding my worldview.

With that in mind, I wanted to share some of the titles I will (or have been) enjoying this March:

Super Late Bloomer by Julia Kaye


Julia Kaye is the creator of the webcomic Up and Out. Her first published collection of comics came out last year and details her first year in hormone replacement therapy. The comic strips are simple but powerful. Kaye has masterfully created a comic memoir with artful black and white line drawings.


Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars by Kai Cheng Thom

This #OwnVoices novel by Kai Cheng Thom is a captivating and genre-defying read. Part coming of age memoir, part magical realism, this story uses elements of fairy tales and folktales to give readers an entryway into realities that might be too painful or unfamiliar. As I was researching more about this title, I found this review by Gwen Benaway, who I think says it best:

For me, I read Kai Cheng’s Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars as a profound exercise in imagining a better world for trans women while also reflecting the truth of our bodies as powerful, radiant, and whole: a rich and complex tale, entertaining and confusing in equal measure.” Source: Gwen Benaway, Plenitude Magazine

Hopelessness by Anohni

I am always on the lookout for new music. When I discovered Anohni, I knew I had found a new favorite artist. Hopelessness is her first debut album but Anohni has been making music with many different collaborators since the 1990s as Antony and the Johnsons. In 2016, she became the second openly transgender Oscar nominee for her song “Manta Ray.”. Hopelessness came out the same year. Anohni plays with synth-pop and electronic dance music genres to create a mesmerizing accompaniment to her powerful vocals about topics like surveillance and drone warfare.

Here are some of the other amazing women I’m checking out this month:

Celebrating Women


What are you reading, watching, or listening to for Women’s History Month? Name a woman that inspires you in the comments!

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