‘Cause these are thrillers!

By Kaley C.

I’ve always had trouble with thrillers, a genre marked by feelings of suspense, surprise, excitement, anticipation, and anxiety. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to piece the plots together well before it’s over. This makes me a joy​ to watch movies with.

Meddling KidsSince it ’tis the season to consume creepy stuff, I’ve started to incorporate paranormal elements to the thriller I read. Are the characters possessed? Are they hunting the possessed? Perhaps a family secret prevents a ghost from resting peacefully? What kind of creature is that kindly small town baker? I have no idea! It’s so fun to read something that is typically fast paced and full of imaginative creatures, people, and plots. It’s an excellent way to prevent me from relentlessly solving any mystery or problem in a plot.

Meddling Kids Jinkies! This book centers around the reunion of a few meddling kids that may have put the wrong man in jail after investigating a mystery in the 70s.


The Seeker Aine Cahill has been studying Thoreau from a personal angle. Her dissertation relies on the possibility that he may not have spent his time at Walden’s Pond alone. Moving to a cottage to be closer to the pond might push her research closer to solving this mystery and bringing her academic success she craves, but the appearance of a ghost only she can see is deeply disturbing.

The boy who Drew Monsters​ Left traumatized after nearly drowning, ten year old Jack is reclusive and obsessed with drawing. His parents notice the subject matter isn’t normal, but it’s his friend Nick who begins to piece it together.


I have a few more for you, and remember that they can satisfy your horror read for Beyond Bestsellers!

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