Cats vs Dogs vs Sheep???

Mysteries have gone to the dogs and cats.  Most of these are your average animal in series like the Melanie Travis series by Laurien Berenson, Cat in the stacks by Miranda James and Pet rescue mysteries by Linda O. Johnston.  But then there are the thinking, talking animals who are often way ahead of their human.

Chet, a police dog school dropout must help his private eye solve the mysteries in the Chet and Bernie mystery series by Spencer Quinn.

Pepe, of the big brown eyes, must take care of Geri, who works for private investigator, Jimmy G in the first book of a Barking detective series by Waverly Curtis.

Mrs. Murphy the cat continues to solve mysteries with the help of Pewter the cat and Tee Tucker the corgi. They are always one step ahead of postmistress Harry. If only she could really understand what they are saying.  This series is a long time favorite of mine. The Mrs Murphy mysteries are by Rita Mae Brown.


 And what about the sheep?  Three bags full follows Miss Maple and the other sheep in her flock as they solve the mystery of who killed their shepherd, George. This book is by Leonie Swann.

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