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Great Low-Budget Sci-Fi Films

by Craig B. Not too long ago, I read an article that highlighted eight great low-budget sci-fi films. What caught my attention was a factoid attached to each movie pointing out how many times the highlighted film could have been made if it had been blessed with Avatar’s $425 million budget. I was especially struck […]

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90’s Offbeat Animated Series

By Isaac H. Imagine a time when cable television reigned supreme. An era of video rentals instead of streaming services. A time of skip-prone compact disc players the size of dining plates instead of digital audio playing smart devices. When cellular phones were the size of a brick, and when contact lists meant memorizing the […]

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Best Served Cold

by Lisa C. Best friend stab you in the back? Romantic partner stepping out on you? Two-faced co-worker steal the Henderson account? What are you going to do? Well, in real life you might try to address these injustices in a positive manner that allows you to heal and move on. However, if you are […]

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We’re All Chum Now, at the Aquatic Horror Show

By Julie T. Minimally fast on land and in the water (minus the Olympians among us), we land-based organisms enter oceans, rivers, and lakes primarily for fun, profit, and exploration. Our lack of claws and jaws puts us at a further disadvantage when pitted against predators of the deep blue sea (or lakes or reasonably […]

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Top 10 Stephen King Movie Adaptations

by Craig B. I was nine years old in the summer of 1980 when my mother took me to see The Shining. I know this might spark some debate about proper parenting techniques, but you really should consider it water under the bridge. I’m still here, I’m reasonably functional, and since Mom had already taken […]

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TV Gone Too Soon

by Melleny T. Since going cable-TV-free many years ago, I have saved a lot of money and avoided the zombie-like evenings of flipping through channels just to see what’s on. Of course, now with Netflix and Hulu and a bajillion other streaming subscription services, living without cable is much easier.

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If You Like POSE…

by Lois H. (they/them or she/her) One of my favorite COVID-19 activities has been watching television shows with my friends from a distance. Sometimes we watch simultaneously and chat online; sometimes we watch on our own time and discuss via text as we go. After Pose was added to Netflix last month, we’ve been enjoying this FX […]

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Grill, You Know It’s True

by Marie B. Summer is finally here and we are enjoying the great outdoors without a fleece jacket (mostly).  One of my own favorite summer pastimes is picnicking.  I might not be going far these days, but I still enjoy spreading out a blanket or setting up a lawn chair and enjoying a meal alfresco.  […]

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A Troublemaker by Any Other Name

by Marina M. His name was Rolihlahla. It means “troublemaker” in Xhosa. But the world knew him as Nelson Mandela. And, as a result of his life’s work, on July 18 we honor him, and the political and social changes he achieved, with Mandela Day.

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Self Care With Nerd Art

By Isaac H. As the world slowly re-opens from the Covid19 pandemic (safe and timely or otherwise), it’s a good time for self care. There is a lot going on right now and sometimes it can help to move your attention away from the news and everyday happenings and problems of life. One of the […]

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Black Lives Matter

by Craig B. Black Lives Matter is an organization that was founded in 2013 after George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch coordinator in Sanford, Florida, was acquitted for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin, a Black teenager who was walking through his neighborhood. Since that time, Black Lives Matter has been one of the most active and vocal […]

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