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Spring Migration and Hyperlocal Birding

By Alyssa S. For bird lovers, spring migration is a magical time. An unusual visitor or an unfamiliar song amidst the usual voices incites wonder, and we welcome the return of reliable favorites. With the current stay-at-home order, many people have more opportunity to observe the migration occurring through our own yards and neighborhoods. Yearly […]

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Say Goodbye to the Old and Hello to the New

by Craig B. Sno-Isle Libraries has just launched a preview of its new website which allows Sno-Isle staff to integrate our lists and posts right into our website! Because of this new flexibility, Sno-Isle Libraries is retiring the BiblioFiles blog. But don’t fret! You can still find staff lists and blog posts by selecting Staff […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

By Jennifer K. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah was one of the big bestsellers of 2015. And why not? It’s a terrific read. The novel tells an epic story of courage and endurance in World War II France, focusing the complicated relationship between two women. One is Vianne, a farm wife and mother who just […]

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Quarantine Sweat Routine

by Marina M. Besides for the health of ourselves and others, much of quarantine seems to be finding an outlet to maintain a small piece of normalcy in a world turned upside down. (Yes, I’ve watched Hamilton too many times to count.) We’ve discussed the baking or crafting accomplished during quarantine (I am now an […]

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All You Knead is Love

By Hannah K. Romance and food make the perfect pairing. Especially romance novels about food. There’s nothing like a well-cooked meal and a well-written happy ending to warm your heart. via GIPHY

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90’s Offbeat Animated Series

By Isaac H. Imagine a time when cable television reigned supreme. An era of video rentals instead of streaming services. A time of skip-prone compact disc players the size of dining plates instead of digital audio playing smart devices. When cellular phones were the size of a brick, and when contact lists meant memorizing the […]

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Best Served Cold

by Lisa C. Best friend stab you in the back? Romantic partner stepping out on you? Two-faced co-worker steal the Henderson account? What are you going to do? Well, in real life you might try to address these injustices in a positive manner that allows you to heal and move on. However, if you are […]

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Adult Pairings for Childhood Favorites

By Kristi S. What’s your favorite childhood book? I am often asked this question, and I have the hardest time answering. My mom got me a Sno-Isle library card for my second birthday, and I never stopped reading. I loved flipping through picture books, devoured any children’s mystery series, and escaped to so many worlds. […]

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We’re All Chum Now, at the Aquatic Horror Show

By Julie T. Minimally fast on land and in the water (minus the Olympians among us), we land-based organisms enter oceans, rivers, and lakes primarily for fun, profit, and exploration. Our lack of claws and jaws puts us at a further disadvantage when pitted against predators of the deep blue sea (or lakes or reasonably […]

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Top 10 Stephen King Movie Adaptations

by Craig B. I was nine years old in the summer of 1980 when my mother took me to see The Shining. I know this might spark some debate about proper parenting techniques, but you really should consider it water under the bridge. I’m still here, I’m reasonably functional, and since Mom had already taken […]

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Tomato Mania

By Alyssa S. It’s the warmest, most flamboyant part of the growing season. There’s been a long, slow, damp buildup to real summer weather in the Puget Sound region this year. How are your tomatoes doing? Mine are on the slow side, and most everyone I’ve discussed it with locally is experiencing the same. I’m […]

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