Casting Call: Strong Female Leads

By Kaley C.

I’ve subconsciously found myself drawn to books with a female-centric story lately or just those focused around a heroine navigating tricky situations. I think it’s possibly the excitement leading up to Geek Girl Con, something I’ve attended for years now and have grown to really love. Our own Lead Librarian for Readers’ Services, Jackie, will be book-talking Sunday, October 28th at 4:30 on a panel of amazing librarians from a few local library systems. 

They will focus on speculative fiction (think sci-fi, fantasy, and horror) in their panel. I do as well, in terms of personal preferences, but I’ve widened the scope here to include a few other genres.

Not too long ago, I waxed on about how I really enjoyed Roxanne Weary in The Last Place You Look. The second book of the series, What You Want to See​ has published, and I obviously couldn’t resist a follow up so soon. Part of being a private investigator is investigating possible affairs. So when another one of these cases comes her way. Roxanne proceeds as usual and finds nothing. But days later, the woman she tailed is murdered and Roxanne is once again drawn to a mystery she can’t resist.

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I’m a little late to this one, but I recently read a new(ish) fairy tale called Wild Beauty​. The women of Nomeovildes have taken care of La Pradera, a gorgeous garden, for centuries. They grow beautiful flowers in it just by touching the earth, but can never leave its grounds. Additionally, their curse is heightened knowing it’s a death sentence if they fall in love with anyone. 

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Lisa See’s The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane is so rich and complex! I don’t often dive into character-driven novels, I’m a sucker for a good plot that’ll keep you moving to the end, but I was drawn in by a culture I knew little to nothing about. Li-Yan wants to dive into schooling, but is being groomed to become a midwife in her small village. When she becomes pregnant out of wedlock, she’s pressured into giving her daughter up for adoption. Though separated, they are drawn to each other despite thousands of miles. This was a finalist for the Audie Awards in 2018, so if you’re into that kinda thing (either awards or audiobooks) download it on your favorite mobile device! 

For a few more strong ladies, check out my list below and please share any favorites you might have with me!

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