Book Resolutions for the New Year

Do you make any book-related resolutions this time of year?  “No more reading and walking at the same time” or “Don’t give up on a book before the 50-page mark” or “Try reading a Sci-Fic book” or “Don’t use family photos as book marks” (we library staff never know what to do with them).

A resolution I used to trot out every single year was “I am finally going to start keeping track of what books I’ve read,” but every single year, I would fail.  I tried using a hard-copy journal—too much work.  I tried using—just didn’t get around to it. Then I came upon the easiest possible way to do this!  Just click on a button in your library account profile that is labeled, “Maintain Reading History”, and the library catalog software automatically keeps a list of everything you check out.

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Have trouble finding it?  Please call any one of our libraries for help.

What are your Book Resolutions for 2016?



4 responses to “Book Resolutions for the New Year”

  1. Sheri M says:

    Thanks so much–what a great idea–just never noticed it before!

  2. Stacey says:

    Today I was asked for my 2015 favs. Well, who can remember back a year. A quick glance at borrowing history and I had a list. My only regret is I didn’t sign up the day it became available.

  3. Sheri M says:

    I only wish there was a way to go into my borrowing history and make notes about each book–did I actually finish reading it? Did I like it? Was it a valuable resource? Still..having at least a list without having to make it is splendid!

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