Body Positive Resolutions

by Lois H. (they/them or she/her)

As another year comes to its end, I find myself drawn to the ever tantalizing New Years’ resolution. Maybe this year I’ll actually complete Book Riot’s 2020 Read Harder Challenge. Or the Northwest Winter Challenge, where you run or walk outside for at least one mile every day in January. Or perhaps I’ll finally get around to applying the KonMari philosophy to my closets.

Even though I enjoy the promise of a new year, there is one type of resolution that does not spark joy: New Year’s resolution diets.

So this year, I’m embracing body positive resolutions. Eating what you want instead of dieting. Joyful movement instead of rigid exercise routines. Taking care of mental and physical health.

Are you also tired of New Year’s resolution diets? Do you dread the advertising and gym membership promotions? Try these titles about body positivity, intuitive eating, and self-acceptance instead:

Body Positive Resolutions

Prefer electronic books? Check out this list of body positive books on OverDrive!

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One response to “Body Positive Resolutions”

  1. Marie B. says:

    I loved Dietland! It eviscerates the diet industry and is hilarious to boot.

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