Tips for Our New Catalog

by Brian H.

I’m all for new. So this is going to be a decidedly upbeat positive plug for the new library catalog. I’ll share some cool features I’m enjoying and invite you to give them a try.


The new catalog defaults to letting you share content that you create with other customers. You may choose to change your settings to private in your account settings.


Admit it.  You’ve always wanted to be a music critic reviewing new music and musicians. The new catalog lets you add your comments and share your thoughts on the performances and performers you discover in the library catalog. Items you comment on or give a rating to will be shared with Sno-Isle library customers on the Recent Activities landing page of the catalog. All users will benefit from your listening discoveries and sharing.


Create your own lists and feature top music picks from the artist and genres you love. You can share it with other library members or keep it private for your own use. Use Personal Recommendation lists when you want to create a list for someone else but you don’t want it to appear on the website. You can still share the web address of the list directly. (Tip, you can add items to a list from the Title’s Details Page in the catalog.)


If a video is available on YouTube, Vimeo, SchoolTube or TeacherTube, you can add it to a title in the new catalog. I don’t know about you, but for me a preview of a track in video format will “sell” me on a new recording. These days music and video go hand in hand. And now the music in our catalog and music video performance can go hand in hand too. (My favorite feature of the new  catalog.)

I encourage you to give these catalog features a try.  I look forward to discovering the comments, lists and video content you share with our library community. Please feel free to add me to the follow list on your account. Use the search bar and limit to search for User. You’ll find me under the staff profile name SnoIsleLib_brianh.

Let us know about your discovery experiences using the new catalog. We’d love to hear from you.



3 responses to “Tips for Our New Catalog”

  1. Emily Fischer says:

    How do I access my shelf?

    • Hi Emily!

      We’ll email you to make sure you are connected with help, but in the meantime, we have a couple tips.

      1. Once you log in by hitting that green button in the upper right-hand corner of the library site, you can click on the green box again and you’ll see links to your shelves.
      2. Shelves and your borrowing (holds, checkouts) are a little different than they used to be, so I’ve included additional info about that below.

      A shelf lets you keep track of items that you’ve borrowed or plan to borrow in the future.

      • Completed shelf is where you can store everything you’ve read, watched or listened to.
        In Progress is the place for what you are reading, watching or listening to right now.
      • For Later is like a wish list, a place to keep track of the books, movies and music you’d like to borrow in the future.
      • Shelves don’t have limits–you can put as many items on a shelf as you wish. For more information, please see the Help pages about My Shelves.

      A list is a collection of titles related to a specific topic or idea of your choosing. You can share it with other library members or keep it private for your own use. Lists are limited to 100 items. If you have more than 100 items, you’ll have to create another list. But you can have as many lists as you need. For more information about lists please check out the pages about creating and maintaining a list found here.

      You can search for common questions about our new catalog and all things Sno-Isle Libraries through our Ask Us, Tell Us service.

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