Beyond Bestsellers: Westerns

by Liz K. (SnoIsleLib_LizK)

Welcome to September! The bad news: Summer is unofficially over. The good news: A new Beyond Bestsellers theme is upon us! New to Beyond Bestsellers? Not sure how to get started with our new community reading program? You can get caught up here, but it’s really pretty simple. Each month we’ll be highlighting a different theme, along with some titles to get you started. To participate readers sign up here, then simply read at least one title within the theme and create a list of titles to share on our website. Easy peasy!

Now giddy-up because in the month of September, we are highlighting WESTERNS! I know some of you are thinking “How boring.” or “I’ll never read a Western.” Up until a few years ago, I would have said the same thing, but then I read True Grit. I was hooked! With a 14-year-old heroine at the center of this classic Western tale of vengeance, I found this short and engaging (and funny!) read to be a great introduction into the world of Westerns.

Doesn’t sounds like your thing? Don’t worry, there’s much more out there! Romance, adventure. Even graphic novels! I promise we have something for all. Need help venturing out into the wild west? Take our handy-dandy quiz!

During our month of Westerns, we will also have unlimited access to the ebook Epitaph by Mary Doria Russell, as well as the eaudiobook titles American Meteor and Journal of the Gun Years. These items will be available through OverDrive all month without ever having to place a hold!

I’ll check in mid-month to see how everyone is celebrating this month’s theme. Keep our comment section full with updates of your progress. And most importantly, don’t forget to include the heading “Beyond Bestsellers” when creating your lists!

Till then, I’ve wrangled these titles below to get you started.

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10 responses to “Beyond Bestsellers: Westerns”

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  2. vickiefinn says:

    You have to read Robert B. Parker: the Virgil Cole/everett Hitch Novels 1 – 4
    Robert B. Parker: the Virgil Cole/everett Hitch Novels 1 – 4
    Parker, Robert B.
    eBook – 2012
    When I read these I envisioned Tom Seleck and Sam Elliott in the title roles. You could also envision John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. If you enjoyed the Spenser for Hire tv series you’ll enjoy the western version. Read them in order 1 – 4. You won’t be sorry.

    • Liz K. (SnoIsleLib_LizK) says:

      Thank you for the series suggestion, @vickiefinn! I’ll be sure to add these to my TBR list right away. It sounds like they may be good titles to listen to as well!

  3. moochigeh says:

    I remember loving “horse” books as a child that had Western settings, like the “Billy and Blaze” series, and the Marguerite Henry stories, as well as My Friend Flicka. It’s interesting how much the Western genre has influenced other fiction, too. They say that Star Wars was partly based on the Western movie, “High Noon.” I think Westerns appeal to anybody, if they just get the right author. It’s the quintessential American story.

    • I agree, Moochigeh. And not only the right author, but the right gateway. That could be historical, romance, even science fiction (for all those Browncoats out there). I just finished The Space Between the Stars by Anne Corlett this weekend. While it’s set in a future where humans have colonized many planets, it’s ultimately very much about solitude and wide open spaces. There’s that sense of starting new without the confines of rigid society at play in both westerns and much of science fiction. I really, truly, enjoyed The Space Between the Stars – give it a go.

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