Beyond Bestsellers: Short & Sweet

by Kimberly P.

Alas, nothing gold can stay and as we’ve bid farewell to summer, so we’ve come to the end of this month’s Beyond Bestsellers: Short Stories theme. While this reading challenge may be on its final paragraph, it’s not too late to try our quiz and see what might be a good fit for your reading tastes (or discover a new genre!).

In the meantime, here are some of the lists that you all came up with:

Lindsey brought us Fairy Tales (a personal fav of mine):

While Leah mixed in a dash of everything:

And Emily took us along the (strange) road less traveled:

It looks like folks enjoyed reading our plethora of short tales to while away their (limited) free time. So as we gear up for the spooky season, I leave you, dear readers, with an oldie but goody:

See you during next month’s challenge!

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