Beyond Bestsellers Moves On, Making Historical Fiction History

by Denise D.

As April nears its end, it’s time to move our Historical Fiction month into the bin of history. But first, check out these lists that our fellow readers created!

For readers who cannot get enough local history, Julie T. compiled a list of books taking place in Washington State, mainly between 1880-1949:

Chromatick shared their favorite historical fiction:

Pigmama6 created two lists of historical fiction: one of epistolary historical fiction told through letters, diary and journal entries and another for lyrically written historical fiction:

Younger readers looking to read more about the Holocaust might want to check out mstampfli’s list:

Mstampfli also created a list of their favorite historical fiction:

Thank you, readers, for playing along and sharing your lists with us. What did you find to read this month?

If you need more inspiration for historical fiction reads, check out these lists:

We look forward to sharing laughs with you in May as we explore Humorous Fiction!

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