Beyond Bestsellers: John Grisham

By Kristi S.

DUM DUM. If you read that in a particular tone, you probably love a legal thriller. And if you love a legal thriller, you are probably a fan of John Grisham. Grisham has written over 40 books, most of which involve exciting legal drama inspired by his own experiences. He was a lawyer in Mississippi and served on the state House of Representatives before he decided to pick up a pen and write. His experience in the law is evident in the careful detail and fully realized characters present in his novels. Though his thrillers are undoubtedly the most popular, he has also dabbled in sports stories, nonfiction, short stories, and even books for kids.

Grisham’s website proudly dubs him, ‘America’s Favorite Storyteller’ and though I am not sure how that was determined, I am not surprised. Customers constantly ask for his latest title, and that means the holds queue builds up fast. If you find yourself growing tired of waiting, or thirsting for more of the fast-paced, plot-driven, suspenseful stories Grisham is known for, there are plenty of other options to enjoy. Try out one of these authors as we go Beyond John Grisham this month.

Read Beyond John Grisham

Not sure where to start?

If you love high energy plots try


If you love relatable characters try…


If you love the nitty gritty try…

Want even more?

Try some nonfiction! These books read like novels, but cover true events with thorough research and deep emotion.

Beyond John Grisham: Nonfiction

Or, you could always turn to movies. Legal thrillers make for great films, and Grisham has had many of his works adapted for the screen. Find out Grisham’s favorite adaptation on this list!

Beyond John Grisham: Movies

How will you go Beyond John Grisham this month? Let us know what you’re reading in the comments!

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