Beyond Bestsellers: Humor, That’s All Folks!

By Kristi S.

We’ve reached the end of Beyond Bestsellers: Humor, but that doesn’t mean that the laughs have to stop! If you have not had your fill of humorous books this month, keep browsing lists and our many blog posts for suggestions. If you want to see all of your options, you can search the catalog on your own using the subject headings ‘Humor’ or ‘Humorous Fiction’ and use filters to limit your selection. Maybe you want to branch out into films? We’ve got a huge selection of comedies (over 2,000 titles!) waiting to be checked out and enjoyed.

Options abound and we had a bunch of lists created this month with suggestions to guide your reading.

Grant made a great list of Humorous Graphic Novels:

Beyond Bestsellers: Humorous Graphic Novels

And we can’t forget Emily’s Beyond Bestsellers campaign, Humorous Sci-Fi/Fantasy:

Beyond Bestsellers: Humorous Science Fiction and Fantasy Sampler


And for even more fun, try these lists:

Beyond Bestsellers: Humorous Classics

Beyond Bestsellers: Humorous Fiction

Beyond Bestsellers: Humorous Nonfiction

Beyond Bestsellers: Humorous Mysteries

Beyond Bestsellers: Humorous Romance

Beyond Bestsellers: Humorous Audiobooks


BONUS! Next month Lois will be launching Beyond Bestsellers: Biographies and Memoirs. Check back in June for their suggestions, including some humorous memoirs for a fun crossover. Thanks for reading along this month! Make sure to share what you enjoyed in the comments.

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