Beyond Bestsellers: Historical Fiction

by Denise D.

Welcome back!

Happy April, Readers! We hope you enjoyed the Prose Bowl hiatus and had fun voting for your favorite books of 2018. Now, it’s time to put away the ballots and get back to making lists for Beyond Bestsellers. Speaking of time, April’s theme is all about times past — historical fiction.

Beyond Bestsellers: Historical Fiction

Travel through time and space

Many of you (like me) probably smiled at this theme. It’s a popular one. For those just dipping in, historical fiction are novels that take place at least fifty years in the past.

The authors don’t merely say the story takes place at a certain time. Rather, they research and craft the story with enough historical detail to transport the reader to a different place and time. It’s armchair time travel. Without limit.

Beyond Bestsellers Lists galore!

Can’t get enough World War II stories? Curious about prehistoric daily life? Addicted to stories based on the lives of famous people? Never able to pass up a multi-generation family saga? With so many places, times and literary formats, historical fiction is perfect fodder for creating your own Beyond Bestseller lists of 4 or more titles. (Need help remembering how? Check out these instructions.)

Take the necessary ingredients– a detailed and authentic setting from at least 50 years in the past–and you have the ever-popular, basic historical fiction recipe. It’s satisfying all on its own– or you can add a special genre flavor and create your own Beyond Bestseller genre mashup lists. Historical fiction blends well with nearly every genre– romance, adventure, thriller, diverse voices, fantasy, mystery, Up Lit, literary, women’s fiction, international, humor, horror and mystery.

What’s your favorite historical fiction mixer?

How many lists can you create?

New to historical fiction? Not sure where to start? You know we have you covered with this quiz!
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Prefer our no-wait e-options?  Our e-book for the month is The Huntress, the new World War II novel from Kate Quinn, best known for The Alice Network. Prefer to listen? Our e-audio no wait options include The Underground River, Hanging Mary, Mistress of Rome, The Risen, The Signature of All Things, and The Painted Girls.




6 responses to “Beyond Bestsellers: Historical Fiction”

  1. Kristi S. says:

    I got the Global Historical Fiction list and it is SPOT ON. The only one I’ve read is Pachinko, and I loved it. I can’t wait to get going on all the other suggestions. Particularly looking forward to Windward Heights. Thanks Denise!

    • Denise D. says:

      You’re welcome, Kristi! I’m so glad that the quiz results were a good match and that you found some new reads. I loved Windward Heights and now have Maryse Conde’s other book, Black Witch of Salem, in my to be read pile along with A View of the Empire at Sunset about Jean Rhys, the English-Dominican author of Wide Sargasso Sea, another Bronte-inspired, Caribbean tale. Happy travels!

  2. Ron Skinner says:

    The Fair Fight by Anna Freeman. Late 18th century British novel involving female boxing. A wealth of information about life in the period, especially some great language and slang. The writer worked at the existing pub where many of these matches took place.

  3. Rebecca Barrett says:

    What a fun way to discover new books to read, and I anticipate returning to the survey to find more ideas. Looking forward to reading The Huntress by Kate Quinn.

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