Beyond Bestsellers: Graphic Novels

By Kaley C.

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to the last round of Beyond Bestsellers before our December break. It’s my all time favorite method of reading: graphic novels and comics. I’m so excited to share some of the books I’ve read with you in the past few months. You couldn’t see it, but trust that I did a happy dance about it. Now, this is a format and not exactly a genre, so in a way we’re giving you the ultimate freedom of choice this month.

Image result for 100 nights of hero

Step into the world of Graphic Novels! Panel from The One Hundred Nights of Hero by Isabel Greenburg.

Graphic novels exist in just about every genre and sub-genre out there. They’re an intersection of illustration, prose, and a play and I can’t seem to get enough of them.

A full page image from the book The Collector, by Sergio Toppi.

So when you’re choosing your book, it’s important to consider the art used throughout it. If you do not like the art, it could distract you from everything else you should pay attention to like the setting, facial expressions, and the text.

If you love them, too, I hope I can get a new one in your hands. Let me know in the comments if you’ve read one that was totally amazing. If they haven’t hit the spot for you in the past, I want to find something you might like!


Not quite sure where to start? I’d hate to lead you wayward, so take a crack at this quiz.

Feel Free to check out this list on the top of Overdrive to get started with some graphic novels right now! 

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11 responses to “Beyond Bestsellers: Graphic Novels”

  1. Denise D. says:

    Damian Duffy’s graphic adaptation of Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred! I’m not a huge graphic novel reader, but this one really moved me.

    • Kaley C says:

      Denise, this has been on my To Be Read shelf for some time now. I love Octavia’s work and know I’d love this adaptation of it!

  2. Pat hubble says:

    I guess getting kids to read anything is good but graphic novel is just another name for comic book. I wish the search option let you narrow search to eliminate them.

    • Marina M. says:

      Pat, in your catalog search, graphic novels are seen as a separate format under the book filter in the left column. If you select all of the formats except graphic novels it will exclude those from your search results. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The first Graphic novel I ever read was Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio which I had originally read online. The storyline and artwork is so fun, and I love the strong female characters.
    Next, I discovered that Ben Aaronovitch has written some short stories that are referenced in his Peter Grant novels and some of those are only in graphic novel form. So I ended up reading those as well. I am intrigued by the authors choice to use graphic novels for these stories and I liked the stories as much as I like his books.

    • Kaley Costello says:

      Oh, I suggested Rovers of London by Ben Aaronovitch in my Fantasy Graphic Novels list! It’s such a fun read! And if you liked Girl Genius, I wonder if you’d like Another Castle by Andrew Wheeler. It’s got another strong female character with some fun action. Or maybe Nimona! Sorry, I get a bit excited about these!

  4. Emily Z says:

    Ancestor was legit. It was creepy (like, Get Out creepy), but also had funny moments and a wonderfully balanced, fast pace. I am already looking forward to Sheean’s forthcoming book “Expansion” and am extremely grateful to have a new graphic novel author to obsess over.

    Also enjoying the Collector so far. It is weird (I like weird) and yes, gorgeous to behold. The titular character is complex. I mean, he’s clearly incredible entitled, but he’s still kind of honorable in a way? He’s hubristic, but he’s a gentleman about it.

    And you know I love Kaptara and would love for more Kaptara to happen. Come on, Chip!

    • Kaley Costello says:

      Thank you very much! I have now requested “Expansion” as well. The Collector is such a strange character but I think you summed him up perfectly. I don’t want him to get the things (they aren’t his!) but I love it when he does. I blame Matt Fraction for distracting Chip with Sex Criminals, but luckily for us, that is a hilarious series.

  5. One of my all time favorites is The Unwritten — the art was spectacular and the storyline = magnifique.
    I’m currently loving the heck out of Wicked + Divine.
    Pretty Deadly is stunning.
    Rat Queens is exciting, hilarious, and totally bad-a**
    Owly is adorable and lovely.
    Chip Zdarsky’s run of Howard the Duck made me laugh. A lot. Warning: puns inspired some of that laughter

    • Kaley C says:

      That does it, The Unwritten is on my holds list now. Chip Zdarsky’s work is so much fun! I enjoy how he hides silly things in the background of his artwork. And I’m so glad to see another fan of Pretty Deadly and Wicked + Divine (the latter of which you can request the soon-to-be-published volume).

      • I really hope you enjoy the Unwritten! I binge read the entire series in less than a week — all 71 issues from a five year span — The best news – it’s dense (the good kind of dense(?) Perhaps layered is a better word…LEVELS.It has a lot of levels, so I was able to enjoy rereading the series while noticing new details or (my favorite), calling out, “AHA! FORESHADOWING!!”
        Pretty Deadly was like that too (except with 10 issues. and 4 years). And Chip, Chip is the greatest. I’m restraining myself from sharing quotes from sexcrims on account of this being a library blog 😀

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