Beyond Bestsellers: Graphic Novel Lists

By Kaley C

​As our month of celebrating and exploring graphic novels comes to an end, I thought we could take a peek at some of the lists people have made. Just in case you’d like to squeeze in a few more as our break in December begins. Even though we won’t be highlighting another genre or format this upcoming month, we would all love to see lists you might come up with if you would like to catch up with any of the months you may have missed. Particularly since the holiday season is approaching, lists would make fantastic suggestions for gifts! Not to mention we are officially entering the hibernation season where it’s the perfect temperature to stay inside and curl up with a new book.

I haven’t read a lot of mangas like Kim has, so I was so happy to see a list made by smozog000’s favorite mangas.

While ​therhiannamater showed us some popular works by Warren Ellis:

Warren Ellis is a powerful force in modern comics. His ability to create unique perspectives on beloved characters as well as entirely new series. Here’s a few of his most resonating works.

I’ve read a few of the graphic novels off of mercurious007’s list, but I was excited to see more suggestions than the few I had on my romance and relationships list. Plus it reminded me to snag Kate Leth’s Spell on Wheels!

Graphic novels starring LGBT characters are at libraries near you! These characters fight crime, solve mysteries, fall in love, embark on awesome adventures, develop strong friendships, and more! This is just a taste of what you can find in the Sno-Isle Libraries’ catalog. If your library doesn’t have the books you crave, ask them to purchase a copy or borrow (aka Interlibrary Loan​) one from another library system for you.

Edutcher has a pretty solid start to a few fantasy graphic novels you can place a hold on today:

Lesser known graphic novels with elements of magic, mad science, or a world that is not our own.

Reading graphic novels was something that just two years ago I wouldn’t have thought was for me. I sincerely hope I’ve been able to share a new title with you that you might’ve enjoyed, whether this format is new to you or an old favorite. Your lists have given me new suggestions to read and I am really enjoying them! Thanks, everyone, and see you for our next round in January!

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