Beyond Bestsellers: Now back to your regularly scheduled programming

By Grant P.

The month is nearly over so why not wrap it up with a few more film adaptations. Did you find any new films to watch or books to read?  Discover any new genres or movies? You can always go back and take the quiz, to discover more great adaptations or check out Kim’s great post on Manga/Anime!

Last night I watched Ready Player One based on the book of the same name by Ernest Cline. If you loved the book, prepared to be … prepared? I don’t know how anyone could have adapted the novel, but Spielberg does his best to get to the heart of the book. The visuals are something else, and makes me wish I would have seen it on a larger screen.  Based off some of the recommendations from the initial post I also checked out The Hunt for Red October from the novel by Tom Clancy, and I also recently watched John Carter based on The Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The former really is a great cold war action thriller. The latter was a surprisingly good sci-fi epic, but both the book and the film could have been better served with better titles.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one that enjoys a good film based on a book. Let’s take a look at some lists you all came up with.

Period dramas are a great example of films which are seemingly exclusively based on non-original source material. My favorite film from this list by terasy is Atonement, which has one of the most harrowing and visually impressive steady cam shots of war that I have ever seen. As much as I loved the book it was based on, I appreciated the film showing me something different.


I was at first confused about this list from ReadingRaven when I saw the title, I assumed it was films in which the children were wayward, not the adaptation. Although I guess for Hook you can say that both are true.

And I love the honesty of these two lists from lindseyanderson, because sometimes the movie is better! Although to be fair many times it isn’t.

Next month Beyond Bestsellers is going back to the written word with LGBTQ+ stories. September will be about keeping it short, with short fiction.

Beyond that, well wait and see …

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One response to “Beyond Bestsellers: Now back to your regularly scheduled programming”

  1. Chelsea says:

    I’d add to the list “I prefer the movie” – Longmire! After reading two of the books, I can see their appeal: you get to learn more about Walt and what makes him tick. However, the descriptions of women in the books are pretty sexist and the female characters aren’t as fleshed on as in the show. Netflix kept the fantastic plots and enhanced the characters, in my opinion!

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