Beyond Bestsellers: Cooking Lists From You!

by Jackie P.

Are you hungry yet? As all meals must come to an end, so, too, must this month’s Beyond Bestsellers challenge. What did you read this month? Share in the comments!

Mad props to WarriorofMartok, and their Cooking, Supernatural Style book list. I love this creative interpretation of the theme:

smozog000 shared their newly found knowledge for Thai Cuisine:

lindseyanderson inspired us to be morning vegetarians with her Rise and Shine, Veg! list:

I may have snuck in another list, this time on Cooking Microhistories:

Denise made a tasty-looking list on Middle Eastern Cooking:

I think it’s possible that mercurious007 is after Bugs Bunny with their What’s Cookin’ Doc? list that explores preparing wild game and underground vegetables:


TerryAB has offered up the tasty trifle of cozy mysteries you know you are secretly looking forward to reading (don’t keep it a secret! tell us your favorite cozy mystery in the comments!).

I confess, I love the food-related cozy mysteries just for their pun-filled titles.

Thank you to all who contributed lists! I hope all discovered something new to read. Stay tuned tomorrow for our next Beyond Bestsellers kickoff!

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One response to “Beyond Bestsellers: Cooking Lists From You!”

  1. Alez says:

    Thank you! I had a lot of fun coming up with it. It started with me thinking it would be interesting to use the Lynsay Sands books, and soon I realized I had read a number of books that fit. ~ Warriorof Martok

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