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Cabin Fever Busters

by Ruth G. The forecast is for a cold and wet winter. If you’re snowed in, or don’t have the nerves for driving on icy roads, I’ve got good news: the library has tons of great resources, all free, all available without leaving the house. Plan your dream vacation from home, from our Travel eBook collection, or […]

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–by Ruth G. “Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good.” — Maya Angelou Starbucks has their holiday cups out, and the star is up at Macy’s, but I’d like to put in a good word […]

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A “Gateway” Experience at the Library

by Ruth G. The beauty of the public library is that you might pick up something you’d never purchase, something totally outside of your tastes, interests and habitual choices, which ends up opening a whole new, wonderful world to you. I call this a “gateway” book (or CD, audiobook, etc.).  A few examples: I had a gateway […]

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Cozy Mysteries for Fall

by Ruth G. Ah, Fall!  Time for hot spiced cider, gingerbread cookies, jigsaw puzzles, and cozy mysteries. It’s the time of year that we talk about curling up with a good book. Which is kinda funny because I was just listening to the (audie-nominated) “Seriously… I’m Kidding” last night, (while I was doing a jigsaw puzzle) and […]

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Music to De-Stress

by Ruth I am seeing a lot of people stressed out about the elections. While on vacation & driving near the Washington coast, I saw a church reader board that said, “Don’t let the Donkeys and the Elephants get you down.” I didn’t realize it was getting to me, though, until I had an election night anxiety dream […]

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2016 Olympic Games in Rio

by Ruth The Olympic Games start today, Friday August 5, and run through August 21. To celebrate the occasion, you obviously need to start with a selfie with the Olympic mascots, Vinicius and Tom: (and then ask yourself: just what creature IS Vinicius?) At this point, you might need some Olympics trivia to get into […]

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Encounters with Wildlife

by Ruth G. As the weather warms up and schools let out, the season for outdoor adventures begins.  And with it, the magical possibility of encountering wildlife. Here in Washington state, you might see marmots on Mount Rainier, puffins at the Pacific coast, harbor seals at the Edmonds ferry dock, or orcas out on the Puget […]

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June is “Bathroom Reading” Month

by Ruth G. What makes a good bathroom read? Something that you can pick up, peruse, and put down, no bookmark needed.  (I suppose waterproofing would be a bonus.) There is a bathroom book for just about any mood: from trivia, world records, “believe it or not” books, to jokes & riddles, cartoon collections and […]

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TEDx “Rock Star” Reading Recommendations

by Ruth G. Sarri Gilman has topped the charts on TEDxSnoIsleLibraries with over 9,000 views (and counting) for her talk, “Good Boundaries Free You”. In her decades of experience as a family therapist, Sarri has seen hundreds of people go from being overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed out, to becoming people who trust themselves, are decisive, and committed […]

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May is “Get Caught Reading Month”

by Ruth G. When I heard that it’s “Get Caught Reading Month“, two childhood memories came to mind: In fifth grade, a friend of mine passed me a book she said I had to read. She had covered it with a book jacket made out of a paper grocery sack, and had written the phony title, […]

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