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TV Gone Too Soon

by Melleny T. Since going cable-TV-free many years ago, I have saved a lot of money and avoided the zombie-like evenings of flipping through channels just to see what’s on. Of course, now with Netflix and Hulu and a bajillion other streaming subscription services, living without cable is much easier.

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Fantastic Fictional Fathers

by Melleny T. As Father’s Day approaches, I would like to honor all the great dads out there by sharing some of my favorite fictional fathers (and father figures). Now, these dads aren’t perfect (because who is, and how boring would that be?), but they do their best to help their kids grow and thrive […]

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

by Melleny T.   There are many different ideas and opinions out there about the Cinco de Mayo holiday. Many Americans think it’s the Mexican version of the Fourth of July (perhaps because it follows the same naming convention), although it is not. Many others use it as an excuse to eat tacos and drink […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: Jhumpa Lahiri

By Melleny T. Since bursting onto the literary scene in 1999 with her Pulitzer Prize-winning collection of short stories, Interpreter of Maladies, Jhumpa Lahiri has continued to write tales of all lengths featuring richly developed characters, complicated family relationships, and authentic portrayals of the immigrant experience.

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Thinking and Drinking

by Melleny T. Pairing knowledge and adult beverages is nothing new (pairing stupidity and adult beverages is also nothing new, but I digress). In case you didn’t know, pub trivia is a thing, and apparently a big enough thing to have controversy. In many communities, it’s even a library thing. If you’re a dedicated nerd and […]

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Build a Better Life with Books

by Melleny T. You may recall from school (or from Goldeneye) that January was named after the Roman god Janus, who had two faces, one looking ahead and the other back. He was the god of choices, doors, beginnings, and endings. This makes perfect sense for January, the doorway between two years, the time of […]

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More Detail Than You Probably Require

by Melleny T. You may recall that I’m a big fan of eating, and of perusing cookbooks that I’ll never use. As a librarian, it’s probably not very surprising that I also enjoy learning all kinds of things, especially obscure things. My brain is filled with odd facts that are really only useful during trivia […]

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As Eaten on TV

by Melleny T. I am a big fan of cookbooks. I’m also a big fan of eating. What I am not a big fan of, though, is cooking. But that doesn’t stop me from happily browsing cookbooks as they come through the library. I especially enjoy unusual cookbooks. (You may recall that I also enjoy […]

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You Might be a Word Nerd if…

by Melleny T. Have you looked up a word in the dictionary just to learn its etymology? Are you entertained by anagrams, pangrams, lipograms, isograms, and especially ambigrams? Do you have a strong opinion about the Oxford comma? I hate to tell you, but you might be a word nerd. It’s okay though – you’re […]

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I Like Weird Books and I Cannot Lie

by Melleny T. I can’t say that I’m a fan of needlessly long books, but I do gravitate toward the weird ones. By weird, I mean the books that stretch the common definitions of novel, plot, and even character, and showcase the author’s creativity and meticulous attention to detail. If a book has a gimmick, […]

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