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We’re All Chum Now, at the Aquatic Horror Show

By Julie T. Minimally fast on land and in the water (minus the Olympians among us), we land-based organisms enter oceans, rivers, and lakes primarily for fun, profit, and exploration. Our lack of claws and jaws puts us at a further disadvantage when pitted against predators of the deep blue sea (or lakes or reasonably […]

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Feline Be Mine!

By Julie T. June is Adopt-a-Cat Month! I am an unabashed, lifelong cat lover. The longest period I lived without feline companionship was during college. By senior year I was done waiting, so I went to a Seattle animal shelter and co-adopted Mickey and Minnie with a friend. It was love at first sight. I […]

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You Do You: Reading During COVID-19

By Julie T. There is no “should” when it comes to my recreational reading during this time of necessary physical distancing. “Should” carries a lot of baggage that I just don’t need (and I’m sure you don’t either). Not reading is also totally fine! For my self-care, it’s a combination of picture books, immersive fantasy, […]

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Prose Bowl 2020: Round 3

  By Hannah K. Welcome back to Prose Bowl 2020! And we’re back! It’s been an unusual time to say the least, but we’re eager to get back into the swing of things with our next round of Prose Bowl 2020. We started with 80 titles, and now we’re down to the final four!

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Women in Film

­­ By Julie T. Women in Film As we wrap up Women’s History Month, let’s celebrate the women in film, both their roles in front of and behind the camera. These women called the shots from the Director’s chair, inked unforgettable animation, created iconic movie monsters, and doubled for performers by doing stunt-work. Check out […]

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Prose Bowl 2020 Delayed

By SnoIsleLib_Suggests Thank you all for your participation in our annual battle of the books! We enjoy seeing which of your favorite books from 2019 have advanced from the initial 80 titles. We are postponing the final rounds of Prose Bowl 2020 due to the recent unprecedented health crisis. Thank you for your understanding. We […]

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Prose Bowl 2020: Round 2

  by Lois H. (they/them or she/her) Welcome back to Prose Bowl 2020! At the beginning of March, we started with 80 of the best books from 2019. After a week of voting, you narrowed our contestants down to the top title of each genre. Now it’s time for a genre showdown!

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Prose Bowl 2020: Round 1

  by SnoIsleLib_Suggests It’s March Madness Time!

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Coming Soon: Prose Bowl 2020

By SnoIsleLib_Suggests It’s almost time for Prose Bowl 2020, the contest where readers from Sno-Isle Libraries choose their favorite book from the past year. The contest begins on March 4, when we’ll provide contest details and the first opportunity to vote right here on the BiblioFiles blog.  Each week you’ll have a chance to vote on […]

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Streaming Nature: February is Bird Feeder Month

By Julie T. Last summer my family decided to hoist a seed trough outside our living room window. Birds are quite capable of foraging for their own food, it’s true. Our intentions were not entirely altruistic as we poured enticing blends for avian palates. We figured it would provide entertainment for our indoor cats. However, […]

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