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When (Natural) Disaster Strikes

by Jocelyn R. Tornadoes. Earthquakes. The tail-end of a hurricane. These are the natural disasters I’ve personally experienced. I still remember the tornado siren going off when I was in first grade, and the long minutes that followed as we crouched down in the hallway with our arms over our heads, waiting to see what […]

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Prose Bowl 2018: Winner!

by Kimberly P. Many Entered . . . but There Can Only be One.  Welcome to our final stage of Prose Bowl 2018. You voted, they fought, and in the end, only one remained standing, triumphant amidst the broken spines and ripped pages of its competitors. To recap, our Finalists were: Combat was vicious. Grant’s […]

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Amnesia in Romances

by Jocelyn R. You wake up one morning, and, oh no! You don’t recognize the face in the mirror. Or the person laying next to you. What’s going on? Did you imbibe a bit too freely the night before? Did you age overnight? Nope. You, my friend, have amnesia. And that means you are now […]

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Prose Bowl 2018: Finals

by Michelle C. Voting closed. Winner will be announced March 28! After two rounds of voting we are down to the final round for Prose Bowl 2018. Prose Bowl is our chance to vote on popular books from the past year and determine which was the Sno-Isle Libraries favorite book of the year. We started […]

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Prose Bowl 2018: Round 2

by Grant P. Thanks for voting! The finals open March 21. Welcome back to Prose Bowl 2018. We started with twenty-four worthy contenders last week, and after tallying the nearly 1,700 votes using only an abacus, we have our winners from each of their genre brackets. Now the real battle begins, ROUND 2! The Hunger […]

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Prose Bowl 2018: Round 1

by Kimberly P.  Thanks for Voting! Round 2 opens March 14. Welcome folks to Prose Bowl 2018 where you’ll determine Sno-Isle’s favorite book for 2017! Round one is all about genres. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decide the top favorite for each of the following categories: Crime Fiction, General/Historical Fiction, […]

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Prose Bowl 2018

by Jocelyn R. Finals March is just around the corner, which means it’s once again time for Sno-Isle Libraries’ Prose Bowl. This online competition will decide our communities’ favorite read of 2017. We’ve narrowed it down to 24 of the most popular, recent books (AKA the contenders) and we’re looking for your help to find […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: Historical Romantic Suspense

by Jocelyn R. As a huge fan of the romance genre, it’s probably no surprise that I also find historical romance very appealing. With historical romance, not only do I get the love story, I also get the historical details that convey the spirit of the age – the society, social mores, courtship rules and […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: Epic Fantasy Lists

by Jocelyn R. As our month exploring epic fantasy comes to an end, I hope you enjoyed this challenge and were inspired to go on an epic quest (to Mordor), learn how to use a sword, explore notions of good and evil, discover some new favorite reads. I know I did! If you’re still looking […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: Epic Fantasy, Part 2

by Jocelyn R. Welcome back, fantasy readers! The month is half gone already, and I wanted to check in. How goes the epic fantasy challenge? Have you fallen for any new authors or series? Or done a re-read of an old favorite? In my post at the beginning of the month, I mentioned that Robert […]

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