All You Knead is Love

By Hannah K.

Romance and food make the perfect pairing. Especially romance novels about food. There’s nothing like a well-cooked meal and a well-written happy ending to warm your heart.


Romance novels are my jam.

They tend to have a bad reputation, and people write them off as fluff, trash, or worse. Every genre has some questionable publications, but romance tends to get dismissed on the whole. That’s not fair. Romance novels reflect people in the real world and lets those characters find happiness.  They usually follow a formula, but frankly that’s a feature not a bug. Wanting a happy ending isn’t a bad thing.

Romance titles focus on their characters and promise an emotionally fulfilling conclusion. A lot of them tackle social issues and complex character growth, all while delivering an engaging story and emotional payoff for the reader. Contemporary romance novels have been increasingly inclusive of diverse characters, which makes the stories so much more enjoyable to read. It’s refreshing to see authenticity and there are fantastic #OwnVoices novels to find.  When a writer brings their own life experiences to the table, the book is richer for it.

Romance makes room for characters from every walk of life. For every career field, period in history, or imagined scenario, you can find at least one romance novel in that setting. In the case of food based romance, we have an eggs-quisite selection.

When it comes to culinary writing, the same talent for crafting an immersive emotional experience translates to describing delectable meals. These books are overflowing with lush descriptions and a passion for food and love. Enough sensory language to make your heart beet faster. Yes, a lot of these start with similar tropes, but they’re all uniquely appetizing.

Mouth-watering descriptions and heartwarming romance? I can’t get enough!

Leave a comment if you have more delectable titles to recommend for me- extra points if you can work in a good food pun. Thanks for pudding up with me!

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  1. Michelle Davs says:

    Thanks for the titles and the great post. I loved The Last Chinese Chef by Nicole Mones.

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