90 minutes or less

By Grant

With a toddler running around and another one on the way, my free time in the evenings is rather limited. So while watching the newest two and a half hour epic may sound appealing (at least to me), reality sets in and halfway through I am asleep on the couch wondering how Frodo made it to Mount Doom so quickly. While there are always TV shows for shorter viewing, most of the time I prefer the complete story that comes with movies, nonsense sequels notwithstanding. Sno-Isle has my back with a vast movie selection of films under 90 minutes! This list is all over the place, but the thing all of the films have in common is that you can get in and out in under a hour and a half.

Frances Ha (86 minutes),  Greta Gerwig director/writer of Lady Bird (just missed the cutoff at a robust 95 minutes) starred in and co-wrote this film that could be a slightly depressing sequel to Lady Bird. Since it was made later, I guess that would make Lady Bird the prequel. Gerwig is always compelling in any role she is in; here she captures the ennui that is possible in your twenties.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (76 minutes) I will always laud this film, for its music, for the stop-motion animation, and for making scary things endearing. I don’t know if I can think of a film that I geniually love more than this one. Also, my family and I dressed up as Jack, Sally and Zero for Halloween last year–it was a big hit.

The Killing/Paths of Glory (85 minutes/88 minutes) Two Stanley Kubrick films under 90 minutes! While I do love Barry Lyndon (188 minutes), you could watch both of these in less time. The former is a moody crime noir, the latter is an anti-war courtroom drama. Watching Kubrick’s earlier films you see glimpses of the director he is going to become. These films are much more restrained then his later work, but are crafted with such attention to detail.



Attack the Block (88 minutes) Before he became Finn, John Boyega made his film debut protecting his neighborhood from alien invaders. I don’t know what is more impressive about this film, that they made fully realized, interesting characters in a sci-fi popcorn flick, or that they did it in under 88 minutes.


Do you have any favorite short(er) movies?



3 responses to “90 minutes or less”

  1. Jo Meador says:

    Thanks for reminding me that my library is also a collection of great films~

  2. Alez says:

    Even though I’m getting older, I love a good animated classic. My movie collection includes a solid mix of kids cartoons, and I plan to keep expanding it. Recently I repurchased some of my favorites from when I was younger (ones that I watched over and over again), after learning that actor Dom DeLuise was a pillar of my childhood experience. Many of these films are under 90 minutes, and despite being designed for children, can be a wonderful diversion.

    All Dogs Go to Heaven and All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 are actually both really dark tales, that have some really adult content when you think about it. If you’ve seen the first one and didn’t even know there was a second one, somehow it manages to be even darker.

    Much more on the ridiculous side is Troll in Central Park. I’m still not 100% sure how I managed to stumble across this movie as a child, but I watched it more times than I care to count. The music is simple, but charming, though the concept is a bit absurd.

    • Grant Perrigo says:

      I will have to check out the All Dogs Go to Heaven sequel, I don’t think I ever caught that, and I agree they are decidedly more adult than more animated fare.

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