Summer Time Comfort Books

By Stacey

Some books leave such a warm memory, you like to revisit them from time to time. For me summer is a lovely season for finding the time to reread some old favorites.

With so much to read what makes the reader return to an old favorite? What touches you?

I asked staff at the Stanwood Library what title or author they turn to for comfort.

For peaceful dreams, Vicky, Pam and I love That Quail Robert by Margaret Stanger. Vicky, Stanwood’s children’s librarian recently found her copy from childhood. Robert is a small quail with a big personality. The author’s prose is charming and captures how much joy Robert brings to the people she meets (spoiler alert: Robert eventually lays an egg).

Fond memories of long ago summer days spent reading puts both Bekah and Vicky in the mood for The Wind in the Willows. Mole, Rat, Badger and Toad have been entertaining readers of all ages since 1908.

My personal favorite is Cannery Row by John Steinbeck. I never tire of the citizens of Cannery Row. When I reflect on lazy summer days, “Mack and the boys,” a  group of unemployed philosophers content with living day by day, comes to mind. And of course there is Doc, the marine biologist–how can you not smile when even the dogs do?

“Doc tips his hat to dogs as he drives by and the dogs look up and smile at him.” John Steinbeck, Cannery Row.

For the comfort of a simpler way of life you can turn to Ivan Doig’s, The Whistling Season. Listen to Jonathan Hogan‘s audiobook narration to lull you into an even more peaceful state of zen.

Ron Charles seems to sum up the essence of The Whistling Season  in his Washington Post review:

“Its gentle pace, its persistent warmth, its complete freedom from cynicism — and the confidence to take those risks without winking or apologizing. When a voice as pleasurable as his evokes a lost era, somehow it doesn’t seem so lost after all.”

Almira, Stanwood’s children’s liaison, has not lost count of how many years she has worked at Sno-Isle libraries-38! But she has lost count of how many times she has read Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. She was hooked from the start when the Major answers the door wearing his late wife’s house robe. A charming romantic comedy about two people overcoming racial bias and falling in love.Tough day at work?

Stanwood’s managing librarian, Chuck Pratt, likes to relax with zombie fiction. Unique? You bet! Unacceptable? No way–you’ll never find us judging your comfort reads at the library.

What are your favorite comfort reads?

When do you return to theses favorites? Trouble sleeping? Too much sadness in the world? On vacation? Do you read the entire book or favorite passages?


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2 responses to “Summer Time Comfort Books”

  1. Michelle C. says:

    Light romance novels are my comfort reads. The kind that don’t have too much drama or angst (aka the ones not written in the eighties). I like that they have an ending I can predict–Happily Ever After–and that my emotions can streamline while reading them.

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