Train Your Brain

by Marina

Recently a couple of the Readers’ Services Team members (hi Jackie and Michelle!) were boasting about their prowess (and lack thereof in certain areas) building their communication and analytical skills using the Elevate app. I was pressured to play along and share MY cognitive training aptitude abilities in comparison with theirs. (OK, I admit I caved and downloaded the app pretty quickly because I love to test myself.)

Elevate takes the core areas of Writing, Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Math and breaks them down further and then uses your results from the game tests to rank you in those categories. And there is more than just Elevate out there in app-land that can help you achieve peak mental status.

Speaking of more–there are also plenty of books or DVDs to help you train your brain. No technology needed! (Well, maybe a DVD player.)

And, in case you want to join the friendly competition here is what Jackie, Michelle and I have achieved. (Let it be known that I have been using Elevate for about 2 weeks. So my percentages are skewed low. For the time being.)

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5 responses to “Train Your Brain”

  1. Michelle C. says:

    Jackie is some sort of listening savant…

  2. Donna says:

    I wish you had included the book, Spark, by John J. Ratey, MD. It does not have brain games but a scientific approach to the importance of exercise and the brain. Move it, Use it or lose it!!

    • Marina says:

      Thanks for the suggestion of Spark, Donna! Sometimes you need to make up your own brain games and knowing the science behind it will help do that.

  3. Oh, jeeze. Guys. We should take all of that with a boulder of salt. I think the more you play the higher those rankings go. Although Michelle’s been playing for at least two months longer than me. heh.

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