2019 PNBA Award Winners

By Kaley C.

The winners of the Pacific Northwest Book Awards, presented by the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association (PNBA), have been announced. PNBA is a nonprofit staffed by booksellers, authors, publishers, publicists, librarians, and various folks in the writing and publishing field. Celebrate PNW authors by reading one of their award winning books.


A False Report – Pulitzer Prize winning journalists detail two detectives who get to the bottom of a case where a teen was charged with falsely reporting rape, revealing the work of a notorious serial rapist.


Washington Black – Eleven year old plantation slave, Wash, is unexpectedly chosen to be a family manservant. He plunges into a literal new world full of unseen wonders and new perspectives before tragedy strikes and he must escape his confines.


Buzz – Journey 125 million years into the past when bees split from wasps, and discover why bees are central to our existence.


Blood Water Paint – Artemisia’s father has always taken credit for her work as a 17th century artist. When her teacher, the only man she’s admired, resorts to violation and violence against her, she is devastated. Her pain, passion, and women of the Bible then inspire her to continue painting.


Rising Out of Hatred: The Awakening of a Former White Nationalist – Derek Black was set to embrace a leadership role in the KKK until he enrolled in college and met folks with diverse perspectives that changed his mind.


Libba: The Magnificent Musical Life of Elizabeth Cotton – Elizabeth heard a song wherever she went. She taught herself to play her brother’s guitar upside down and backwards. After growing up and getting hired as the Seegers’ housekeeper, her hibernating musical talent is awakened as she becomes a success later in life.

Have you checked out any of these or other PNBA books lately?

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