16 in ’16: Read a Funny Book Feedback

by Marina

Well, we’re halfway through our funny book theme (and we only have TWO themes left of this whole challenge!!!) and that means it’s time for a feedback post. Where I share some of the books other participants have submitted to entice you to read even more! And if none of the selections below light your fire remember we still have the quiz to help you out! Wow, maybe I need to tone down my excitement level here.

amazingNaw, I’ll keep the excitement by sharing my selection for the month. It’s an audiobook (naturally) and it was something I stumbled upon when I was researching titles to display during the authors under 30 theme. It’s by YouTubers Dan Howell and Phil Lester–The Amazing Book is Not On Fire. For funsies I grabbed the print book off the shelf and I discovered how much visual content I was missing by listening to the audio. But, BUT! The audio is amazing (as the title plainly states)–these are two professional YouTubers, and best friends, who have an amazingly funny rapport. It’s worth it to get BOTH versions and have a doubly amazing* experience. Plus, binge on their YouTube videos. As I might have. Perhaps. No, I definitely did it. I’m not ashamed of that. Much.

Our own Lindsey is a fan of silly animal photography books. In her own words: “When I meet an animal lover who needs something light or just wants to laugh and feel good, I recommend any of Carli Davidson’s pet photography books. Shake, Shake Puppies, and Shake Cats are collections of dogs and cats photographed – you guessed it – mid-shake. The results are absolutely hilarious, with googly eyes, ears and jowls flopping, and hair flying. Truly, they make me feel better about the world.”

KPweirdness, another team member, enjoyed The Weirdness by Jeremy Bushnell and Millennials of New York by Connor Toole and Alec MacDonald. When reading The Weirdness she enjoyed the chapter subheadings, such as “Existential bananas & whiskey love”; “Lucifer’s preferred organically sourced coffee”; “toilet fireworks”; “Did that dark tower assault me?” and then anticipated the context in which they would be found, word for word, in the text of the chapter. In Millenials, she found it amusing the way the interviewees poked fun at the stereotypes of themselves or society.

Danielle made use of the interactive content: “I loved that the quiz helped me find a new Jenny author to read. Exactly what I needed.”

Esme says, “I’ve been reading the Lumberjanes series for the Funny Books category. They may be in the juvenile section, but adults will love the offbeat punny humor and adventure, too.”

Lora shared that she read and enjoyed a Bill Bryson book. Her favorite from Bryson is A Walk in the Woods, which combines humor and hiking the Appalachian Trail. (I, too, enjoy Bill Bryson books, Lora. My favorite for the longest time was In a Sunburned Country but then he published One Summer, America 1927. It makes the little history nerd in me very happy.)

anansiAriana wanted to share a few titles with us. One is a reread of a favorite Neil Gaiman book, Anansi Boys, which she found “unusually light and hilarious for his writing style – and it works perfectly, because it’s a book about Anansi.” She would “recommend Anansi Boys to anyone who is interested in exploring fantasy or Neil Gaiman for the first time, since it’s a super accessible and fun read.” She’s also making her way through a few items from the David Sedaris collection.

Donna shares that she “got a few chuckles from Graeme Simsion’s books The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect.” In the past she mentions having enjoyed the humor portrayed in several of Ivan Doig’s books.

Nancy read A Girl Named Zippy: Growing Up Small in Mooreland, Indiana by Haven Kimmel. She delighted in the writing style and understated humor of the author. Some of her enjoyment for the book came from growing up in the rural Midwest which enabled her to vividly picture the setting. If true “slice-of-life” stories are what you like to read then Nancy thinks this book will fit the bill.

Thanks for all the great feedback, readers! I hope some of these titles inspire you to read something fun and new!

*Have I reached the point of too much amazing?

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