Featured Event: Salt Painting

Image from Hillsdale Library

Get creative at this after school event –

Teen Make-It Wednesday: Salt Painting
@ Arlington Library
Wednesday, December 13
3 – 4 p.m.
What better way to relax before your winter break than to paint? Some see how salt adds dimension and texture to your watercolor creations, and make something beautiful and unexpected.

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Top 3 Right Now: Lindsey’s Favorite Historical Fiction

This week we’re featuring a Top 3 Right Now list from Lindsey, our Teen Services Guru from the Coupeville Community Library.

Lindsey and her doggo Sophie – so sweet!

So, Lindsey, what books are you eager to tell readers about?

“Historical fiction! A genre that makes some readers groan and others – like me – squee with delight! I’ve always been a fan. It makes no difference to me if those books are written for adults, teens, or kids.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

This book is everything. It’s definitely one of my favorite reads this year, and not just in the YA genre. It’s a heartfelt, rollicking romp through 18th century Europe with alchemists, pirates, highwaymen, French courtiers, and a diverse cast of main characters that are an absolute treat to follow.

Hell & High Water by Tanya Landman

Set in a corrupt Dickensian England, Caleb is a mixed-race boy who runs a traveling puppet show with his white father. When his dad is falsely imprisoned for theft, transported by ship to America, and later found dead, it’s up to the tenacious Caleb to uncover the truth of what happened. Along the way he’ll unravel the mysteries of his past.

You Bring the Distant Near by Mitali Perkins

Set in the near past and moving through to the present, this book follows the intergenerational members of a Bengali family living in New York City in 1965 (and beyond). I love the way it explored issues of cultural tradition clashing with contemporary Western lifestyles. It is funny, heartfelt, and totally relevant.”

Thank you for the most excellent suggestions, Lindsey!
What do you think, readers?  Would you have different books on a list like this?

Next week we’ll feature a list of Top 3 Studio Ghibli movies – what would be on your list? Email us at teens@sno-isle.org with you list and a few sentences about why you love those particular movies, and we’ll feature you in one of our posts as well!

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Trailer Tuesday: The Glass Spare

Trailer Tuesday: The Glass Spare by Lauren DeStefano

Contact Marta @ the Marysville Library with book trailer suggestions or post in the comments below.

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Readers’ Corner: Transgender & Gender-Fluid Journeys

This week’s featured teen booklist is about a group of people who are often misrepresented and misunderstood. Step inside the complex world of gender identity with one of these books about teens going through transgender and gender-fluid journeys.

Sno-Isle Teens Booklist: Transgender & Gender-Fluid Journeys

Every story is unique, and you’ll be moved by the many physical and emotional journeys presented here. Some are true stories and others are fictional accounts, but all of them will change the way you look at the world.

Happy reading!

Melleny @ Mukilteo Library

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Featured Event: Teen Art Show & Opening Reception

Ready to take in some art? Check out this event –

Teen Art Show – Opening Reception
@ Oak Harbor Library
Thursday, December 7
6:30 – 8 p.m.
Join us for the opening reception of the annual Teen Art Show! Enjoy a fun, family-friendly evening of incredible artwork, music, delicious refreshments prepared by Oak Harbor High School’s Wildcat Catering.

Teen Art Show
@ Oak Harbor Library
Friday, December 8 – Wednesday, December 13
12 – 5 p.m.
Come visit the show and vote for your favorites! View teen submissions of all media types, including photography, sculpture, metal design, painting, and mixed media.

The Reception and Art Show will be in the Meeting Room.

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Top 3 Right Now: Best Current Graphic Novel Series

This week we’re showcasing the best of currently-running graphic novel series for you, as decided on by Angela B., the teen librarian at our Mountlake Terrace community library.

So, Angela, what are you itching to recommed to our lovely readers?

“First off, it’s artwork time with Land of the Lustrous by Haruko Ichikawa.

This series features jewel people who are living gemstones, invaders who want to turn them into jewelry, and a clumsy protagonist given a seemingly-boring job – what could be a better setup for a graphic novel series? The artwork for Land of the Lustrous is incredible without being too busy, and Phosphophyllite just wants to feel useful and needed even though they can’t fight to save the other jewel people. I just got volume 3 of this series, and can’t wait to read it just for the pretty artwork.

Since I’m a big Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, I have to have something MCU-related on here:

Black Panther by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Thor: Ragnarok just recently came out, but I’m already looking forward to the next film: Black Panther. If you’re like me and can’t wait for that film to come out, there’s the current run of Black Panther comics to help tide you over. T’Challa has to face the toughest fight of his reign as king of Wakanda, but it’s a fight that the Black Panther cannot win by force. Will he be bound by tradition in the face of changing times, or will he be able to make the necessary changes to bring Wakanda through this crisis? This series is more serious than a lot of the MCU films, but, like Captain America: Civil War, it’s meant to get you thinking.

(And make sure to check out the Black Panther film trailer if you haven’t seen it yet!)”

Lastly, for all the humor fans out there, I’m going to be bringing up a series that I know has been featured on this blog before, but I’m suggesting it again because it’s just that good.

Assassination Classroom by Yusei Matsui

Your high school teacher is an alien octopus who blew up the moon, and you have to kill him before the end of the school year in order to save the Earth. Simple enough, right? But can you do it when he’s actually the best teacher you’ve ever known? This is still one of my laugh-out-loud favorites, and not just because the teacher is an alien octopus who blew up the moon. (Although, an alien octopus teacher is pretty funny just on its own…) Also, how many different ways are there to kill an alien octopus that can travel at 20 times the speed of sound?”

Thanks for the most excellent suggestions, Angela!  What do you think, readers? Is there a series missing from this list?

Next week we’ll be suggesting our Top 3 YA Historical Fiction books – if you’d like to send us your list of top 3 historical fiction titles, shoot us at email at teens@sno-isle.org.


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Trailer Tuesday: Bad Girls Don’t Die

Trailer Tuesday: Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender, first in the series.

Contact Marta @ the Marysville Library with book trailer suggestions or post in the comments below.

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Readers’ Corner: Historical Fiction Around the World

I hope you enjoyed your long Thanksgiving weekend and had some time to eat good food and make great memories with family and friends.

For this week’s featured teen booklist, we’re traveling back in time. Waaaay back in time. This week’s books take place in the centuries between the 500s and the 1300s, and they are stories from all over the world. Knights, ninjas, princesses, peasants, and more. Have a little history lesson mixed in with your mystery, adventure, and romance.

Sno-Isle Teens Booklist: Historical Fiction Around the World - 500s to 1300s

Happy reading!

Melleny @ Mukilteo Library

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Featured Event: Lego Robotics

Are you a fan of LEGOs, or robotics? Get ready to build and program your own robot at this event –

After School @ the Library: Lego Robotics
@ Lynnwood Library, Large Meeting Room
Thursday, November 30
4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Work together to build and program a LEGO Mindstorms robot! For tweens and teens, 4th grade and up.

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Top 3 Right Now: Under-The-Radar Gems

It’s generally pretty easy to find good books on lists of award-winners, or top ten lists, but what about those books that don’t get much attention in the media? How do you find a great book that somehow missed its deserved fanfare?  Well, to start with, you ask around, look for expert opinions, and read this blog for suggestions!

Jillian from our Lake Stevens Community Library has a few excellent books to suggest that you may not have heard of before, starting with:

Of Better Blood by Susan Moger

“Set during the eugenics movement in the 1920s, this is a tense, riveting story about the disturbing policies and conversations around race, disability, and “progress” that occurred in our not-so-distant past. While the story is harrowing at times, it ends on a note of hope.”

Breaking Cat News: Cats Reporting on the News that Matters to Cats by Georgia Dunn

“When you need a pick-me-up, you can’t go wrong with cats discussing the events of their household. The art is charming, and if you get addicted, there’s a webcomic: http://www.gocomics.com/breaking-cat-news

The Lifeboat Clique by Kathy Parks

“This story goes from silly to serious on a dime, but there are some real feels here. It’s a rare example of dark humor that isn’t over the top, and some powerful observations about friendship, sacrifice, and survival.”

Thanks for the excellent suggestions, Jillian!

What else would you include on this list, readers?  Comment below, or submit your own Top 3 Right Now list to teens@sno-isle.org.

Next week, watch for a list of the Top 3 Graphic Novels from our local expert, Angela from our Mountlake Terrace Community Library.



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