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Gear Up and Go! at Sno-Isle Libraries

Posted: June 26, 2014

By Kristin Piepho
Children’s Services Coordinator


Arden syncs her Sqord at the Snohomish Library

Sno-Isle Libraries is pleased to be partnering with the Snohomish County Health Leadership Coalition in the Gear Up and Go! initiative. Our mutual goal: keep kids active and healthy during summer break.

Fifth grade students throughout Snohomish County participate in Gear Up and Go! by wearing Sqord PowerPods. These wristwatch-like devices translate their physical activity into digital points that are tracked in an online social game.

“I like the Sqord because it’s good, and it helps me be aware of why it’s so important to be healthy and active,”  says Arden, our Gear Up and Go! spokesgirl. (Watch her lively video explanation of the program, below.) 

To track points during the school year, fifth graders have been syncing their PowerPods at schools and other community locations. Though schools are closed for the summer, students can continue to reap the healthy benefits of tracking activity by syncing up at SyncStations located in Sno-Isle Libraries’ Snohomish County and Camano Island locations.

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