Once upon a Crime: Marty Wingate

by Lindsey A. In October, Oak Harbor Library will present Once upon a Crime, a series of programs featuring local authors of mystery, thriller, and suspense novels. On select Tuesdays, authors will visit the library to talk about their books and the craft of writing mysteries. This week we feature an interview with Marty Wingate, […]

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LibraryReads List August 2017

by Lindsey Hello, August! The dog days of summer are here! I don’t know about you, but I’m already anxious for autumn. My lawn has dried to a yellow crisp and I’m ready to feel rain again. If you’re hoping to spend the last days of summer reading, the new LibraryReads list features a nice […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: Mystery Lists

by Michelle C. Our resourceful participants have been busy this month creating lists and sharing their favorite titles from Beyond Bestsellers: Mysteries. I want to share some of these lists and encourage other participants to share their favorites as well! ree86 created a fun list called Beyond Bestsellers: Dying for a Vacation: Visit exotic locales […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: Atmospheric mysteries to carry you away

by Denise As you might have noticed, I have a bit of a travel obsession. I feed that addiction with books when I can’t hit the road or skies. It’s all about setting… When it comes to armchair escape, few genres suit for a quick trip quite like mysteries. Detectives snoop around hidden corners, question […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: Golden Age Mysteries

by Jennifer K. Come Back to the Golden Age My father is a book collector. He used to take me to used book stores, where we would hunt the stacks for first editions of Golden Age detective stories. Mysteries of the Golden Age (the 1920s through the 1940s, with a few outliers before and after) […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: Historical Mysteries

by Michelle C. If you are just joining us, we are participating in a new reading challenge called Beyond Bestsellers. Each month we will read a different theme and discuss what we liked and what we didn’t like about that theme. We will also be offering reading suggestions from library staff and customers for each theme. […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: Mysteries

by Michelle C. We are starting off Beyond Bestsellers with the theme of mysteries! If you have not heard of Beyond Bestsellers, check out our post from earlier this week. Beyond Bestsellers is a new community reading program where we will be reading books from different themes each month. Participants can engage by creating lists […]

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Television Spies and Spooks

by Michelle C. There is something incredibly fun and romantic about the notion of spies (although I imagine the reality is a lot less exciting). Unlike with a James Bond film, in television there is so much that can be developed with the spy thriller. Some of my favorite spy shows use humor and absurdity to […]

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Revealing the Inner Eye: Psychics in Fiction

by Jocelyn Having psychic powers would be so cool! Doesn’t matter what kind of psychic powers – telepathy, telekinesis, empathy, foretelling the future, seeing the dead, having the ability to heal – to me, they’re all amazing. My fascination with these mental abilities began in childhood, so it’s no surprise that I’m always on the […]

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Feel Good, Easy Reads AKA Gentle Reads

by Jocelyn Looking for a book where sex, violence, and excessive profanity is left off the page? Look no further, we’ve got a category for you. It’s called Gentle Reads. These novels tend to be described with terms like “heart-warming,” “wholesome” or “hopeful,” and are entertaining stories full of encouragement and warmth. Often humorous, they […]

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