Narrator Spotlight: Read by the Author

by Marina Combating the Commute I have a bit of a commute. Not a long one. But twenty-five minutes, give or take, each way. You know, depending on traffic. Or the weather. (Can’t call myself a Washingtonian without adding those conditions. You know how it is.) So, rather than besiege myself with the repetitive nature of […]

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Retirement Wish List

by Ruth G. Having crossed the threshold of 50 some time ago, and thus become the recipient of flyers from AARP, the idea of retirement has started to intrigue me. Retirement won’t be happening anytime soon, but sometimes I see a book and think, “This one goes on the stuff-to-do-when-I’m-retired list.”     Maybe I’ll eat my […]

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Let’s Talk about Vegetables…

We are finally well into the month of March, which means I have started planting my vegetable garden with the hope of large harvests and tasty meals built around fresh, ripe vegetables all summer long and lots of enjoyment from pickled, jarred and frozen edibles to keep my family healthy and well fed in the […]

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What to read while you’re waiting for gardening season…

The garden shows have come to town,  the weather feels like Spring, and you’ve got garden fever (well, I know Liz and I do!)  Too bad it’s still February.  How about some stories that feature gardening to help scratch that gardening itch?  Here are a few that I’ve enjoyed.  Please share your favorites by commenting […]

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Countdown to Spring

This is the time of year I find myself getting antsy for Spring and the time in the garden that comes with it. Every morning as I walk to my car I take inventory of new sprouts and add to the growing list of garden projects in my head. I start my lists, one of […]

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