25 Best Films of the 21st Century

by Grant & Michelle C. The New York Times recently released their best 25 films of the 21st Century list.  Their top critics Manohla Dargis and A.O. Scott collaborated and came up with a consensus list. If you ever notice the taglines of who writes these Bibliofiles posts, you will realize that your two film bloggers could never […]

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Uh, I haven’t seen it …

By Grant In 2016 there were 798(!) movies that recorded a box office gross (movie 798 is so sad, just 29 tickets sold, how is that even possible? Didn’t the cast and crew make their friends go?) Of those 798, I can safely say I have seen at least 57.  The point being that I […]

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Television Spies and Spooks

by Michelle C. There is something incredibly fun and romantic about the notion of spies (although I imagine the reality is a lot less exciting). Unlike with a James Bond film, in television there is so much that can be developed with the spy thriller. Some of my favorite spy shows use humor and absurdity to […]

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Soundtracks and AllMusic

By Brian (snoislelib_brianh) Sno-Isle Libraries is your source for soundtracks!  A great movie always includes a great soundtrack.  For all your favorite movies head to the library’s music collection and listen to the soundtracks on hoopla, stream them from Freegal or order the CDs from the library catalog. Learn more about soundtrack recordings Sno-Isle Libraries offers […]

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Shared Movie Universes

By Grant With yet another Marvel movie premiering last week, the King Kong Godzilla universe, and the revival of the Universal Monster movie universe there seems to be a new(ish) trend in Hollywood. Shared Movie Universes (from now on SMU) aren’t sequels as those are obviously in the same universe, rather they are movies that occur […]

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Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

by Michelle C. Wedding season is starting. A great way to learn the dos and don’ts of wedding etiquette is to watch the horrific, but hilarious, outcomes of the wedding gone wrong in movies. Some of my favorite tropes in the wedding genre are the bride and switch, childhood marriage promise, crazy in-laws, and the bridesmaid’s […]

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Shakespeare, Modernized

by Marina Today we celebrate Shakespeare! April 23rd is Talk Like Shakespeare Day and we celebrate both his birth and death on that day. I’m a fan of Shakespeare. Of his plays, at least. The comedies more than the tragedies. I guess I don’t really know much about the man himself. Besides what might be true in […]

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19 Years ago there was a man …

By Grant March 6th marked the 19th anniversary of the release of one of the greatest films ever made. The Big Lebowski was not much of a success at the box office, not even cracking 20 million, even with my $8.50. However, the movie has since become a cult favorite, spawning giant festivals, it’s own religion (true […]

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Jane Austen Movie Adaptations

By Michelle C. Are you obsessed with Jane Austen’s novels? Have you watched the movie versions over and over, eagerly awaiting each new release? Do you have fights with your friends about which version of Pride and Prejudice is best (Colin Firth–always Colin Firth)? Then this is the blog post for you! Some of my favorite […]

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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

by Grant Before the internet, film buffs were able to impress people (at least in our minds) with our abilities to say who was in what movie. Now thanks to IMDB and wikipedia this “knowledge” is only clicks away. The perfect game for this skillset was created in 1994 by students at Albright College called […]

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