Librarians in the Movies

by Michelle C. February is Library Lovers’ Month and what better way to celebrate than to watch a movie where a librarian saves the day? Well, I suppose you could read a book where a librarian saves the day. Or you could show some Library Love by sharing a story of what you love most […]

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Awards Round-up: January 2017

by KP Welcome to the January Awards Round-up! Each month we gather together the book, movie, television and music winners for that month. A new year marks a new award season, and January offered a robust number of ceremonies honoring titles in the entertainment and publishing world. Some of the month’s biggest winners included:            […]

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Strange but True Movies

by Michelle C. You know that Almond Joy/Mounds jingle “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t”? It runs through my head whenever I come across a really odd documentary. I’m not talking about odd like your-sister-likes-to-dip-her-French-fries-in-ice-cream odd. I’m talking about bizarre. Peculiar. Eccentric. The very best kind of odd. These are stories about people that […]

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Highbrow, Lowbrow

by Michelle C. I have to admit that although I love award-winning films, I also love Lifetime Movies and the occasional slap-stick comedy. And there is nothing better than a combination of the two: a highbrow actor in a lowbrow movie. I get a kick out of seeing highly respected actors spouting terrible dialogue and trying to […]

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Man vs. Nature Films

by Michelle C. You may enjoy spending time outside, especially here in the Pacific Northwest where there are so many beautiful hiking trails and lakes; but I am here to warn you that if movies have taught me anything, it’s that nature is out to get you. You’re out on the water, wearing your fur coat and staring at […]

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Veterans Day

by Marina I recently finished listening to Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War by Mary Roach. I wasn’t a huge fan of the narrator–her vocal inflections came across as too “cutesy” for me. Even though Roach writes humor with a deft hand in her scientific topics I felt it needed a narrator with slightly […]

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Prepping for Stranger Things

by Grant Stranger Things debuted on Netflix earlier this year to near universal acclaim mostly because it was completely amazing. An homage to the some of the best 80s films, music and typeface. While we all wait for for it to be released on DVD, here is a slew of films that inspired or are similar to […]

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Forensic and Crime Documentaries

by Michelle C. The other day I was binge watching Forensic Files (the way I do) and commenting on the crimes to my roommate, “This murderer is so stupid! He should never have left the body there. That is NOT how you dispose of a body without leaving evidence.” She got quiet and then said, […]

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Fall into a Movie

by Michelle C. Are you missing the languid heat of long summer days? Or are you like me and excited about crisp, multi-colored leaves and pumpkin spice lattes (or pumpkin bread or pumpkin pie or pumpkin curry or delicata squash, in a pinch)? There’s nothing I like better than snuggling up with a blanket, a crackling fire in the fireplace, and […]

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Makeover Movies

by Michelle C. I know, I know. Makeover movies are terrible. They send the message that appearance is more important than mettle and that glasses hide your inner superman. But there is just something about a makeover movie that I love. I’m addicted to the rush of the downtrodden protagonist who seizes the things they […]

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