Love is in the Air! Just Kidding, it’s Plague.

By Kristi S If you are cynical like me, or were not hit by cupid’s sparrow this year, last week might have gotten under your skin. Valentine’s Day is a holiday I have never enjoyed. Perhaps it is the shock of turning a corner in the store and finding everything bright pink. Maybe it is […]

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LibraryReads List February 2018

by Emily Z. Can you even believe it is already February? Whether or not you’re thrilled with the pace of this year’s progress, February’s LibraryReads List has a little bit of everything to distract you from tax season. There’s family drama (real and fictional), chilling thrillers, continuing dystopian travails, historical fiction, and Sophie Kinsella, bringing the love just […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: Epic Fantasy Lists

by Jocelyn R. As our month exploring epic fantasy comes to an end, I hope you enjoyed this challenge and were inspired to go on an epic quest (to Mordor), learn how to use a sword, explore notions of good and evil, discover some new favorite reads. I know I did! If you’re still looking […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: Epic Fantasies From Books to Films

By Kaley C Are you, like me, a bit of a book purist? More specifically, when you find out about a soon-to-be-released TV show, do you need to read the book first? I can’t help it. There’s always more exciting details that can’t be put into production. Don’t get me started about Peeves the Poltergeist being left out […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: Not Your Typical Epic Fantasy

by Kimberly P.  I have been looking forward to our Beyond Bestsellers: Epic Fantasy challenge for months now. I live for fantasy, and often enjoy writing my own stories based on fantastical worlds. But the downside to my addiction to fantasy is that, after a while, I need an escape from the genre’s common tropes. […]

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Fictional Bucket Lists

by Lindsey A. We’re all familiar with the idea of the bucket list – a list of things you would like to do over the course of your life. A fictional bucket list is a list of things you would love to do, see, eat, and characters you would love to meet within the fictional […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: Epic Fantasy, Part 2

by Jocelyn R. Welcome back, fantasy readers! The month is half gone already, and I wanted to check in. How goes the epic fantasy challenge? Have you fallen for any new authors or series? Or done a re-read of an old favorite? In my post at the beginning of the month, I mentioned that Robert […]

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Audiobooks to Transcend Rush Hour

by Kristi S. Like most Western Washingtonians, I spend a lot of time sitting in traffic. A lot of time. Seriously, I spend more time on one freeway on-ramp than I do with my mother. So, I started bringing audiobooks on the road with me as a way to stay calm and composed while I drive. […]

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LibraryReads List January 2018

by Lindsey A. There is nothing quite like the excitement of a new year of books, and 2018 is no exception. January’s LibaryReads list has arrived, so start adding to your lists! It looks like we have a number of series continuations this year, including the third in Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children series, the third […]

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Beyond Bestsellers: Epic Fantasy

by Jocelyn R. Welcome to 2018! Now that January is upon us, we’re back with the first Beyond Bestsellers theme of the new year. New to Beyond Bestsellers? This reading challenge highlights a different theme each month, along with some titles to get you started. To participate, readers sign up here, then simply read at least one […]

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