Blade Runner Redux

by Grant P.

Blade Runner in all of it’s SEVEN! versions has been one of my favorite movies since it was released in 1982 (side note, I did not see it in 1982 as I was 3.) I also think I have only seen four of the versions. Anyways, the long anticipated/feared sequel was released this past weekend. I am a huge fan of director Denis Villeneuve’s films, and given many of Ridley Scott‘s recent movies, I think it is probably better in Villeneuve’s hands at this point. The sequel is set 30 years after the original film which means of course that the original was set in 2019. We have a ways to go if we are going to achieve Blade Runner levels of technology in the next 2 years.  Here are some things from Sno-Isle to get you excited for Blade Runner 2049.

Why not read the novel that the original film is based on. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick. The novel differs from the film in many aspects, including whole plot lines not explored in the movie.

Sicario and Arrival, the two most recent films from director Denis Villeneueve. Both of these films give me hope for the possibility of the new Blade Runner film being great. While these two films are entirely different in content, one is a gritty crime drama, the other thoughtful science fiction, they are similar in that they don’t talk down to the audience and take time and care in telling a story.

The soundtrack to Blade Runner by Vangelis is an iconic synthesizer score, which sets the mood perfectly for the film. Vangelis’ real name is Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou, I can see why he goes by Vangelis.


Two films from Monty Python veteran Terry GilliamBrazil and 12 Monkeys remind me of Blade Runner, all three present a very non-idealized version of the future. There is a grimness to the futures presented in all three films. Additionally 12 Monkeys has the best Bruce Willis performance (aside from Die Hard.)

2001, A Space Odyssey the consensus greatest science fiction film of all time. Stanley Kubrick created such a believable and realistic version of space travel, that NASA had him fake the moon landing.


Children of Men A depressing look at the future, with an ultimately uplifting message of survival. Alfonso Cuaron’s masterpiece includes a long take that took 12 days to set up.

Dark City a combination of Noir and Science Fiction that also includes Kiefer Sutherland superb overacting.


Any other read-watch-listen alikes for Blade Runner?



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  1. Isaac says:

    A few watch-a-likes for Blade Runner 2049 that come to mind after seeing it would be HBO’s Westworld, Dredd, and Verhoeven’s original Total Recall. A set of read-a-like’s that I keep recommending to people are Bacigalupi’s Windup Girl, the Water Knife, and some of the stories in Pump Six. Windup Girl especially for Blade Runner 2049. Each of those books have so much of a dystopian noir feel that they seem like homages to Blade Runner.

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