Beyond Bestsellers: Mystery Lists

by Michelle C.

Our resourceful participants have been busy this month creating lists and sharing their favorite titles from Beyond Bestsellers: Mysteries. I want to share some of these lists and encourage other participants to share their favorites as well!

ree86 created a fun list called Beyond Bestsellers: Dying for a Vacation:

Visit exotic locales from the comfort of your easy chair. As long as you’re on vacation, you might as well solve a crime or two…. Here are some of my favorite mysteries set outside the the United States. Each title is the first of a series.


From Chickwheat, we have Beyond Bestsellers: International Mysteries:

I love novels set in different countries and different cultures – why escape into the world I already know? Each of these titles has a little humor (a must for me) and a a little insight into cultures and experiences different from my own. Bonus: most of them are the first title in a series, so you can keep reading! Looks like I haven’t explored South America, so I’d love to hear your recommendations!


Pigmama6 looked local and created Beyond Bestsellers: Washington State Mysteries:

Mysteries set in Washington State by Pacific Northwest Authors


From mercurious007, we have Beyond Bestsellers: Lesbian Mysteries (bonus points to mercurious007 for adding a Web Resource to their list!):

Queer women are on the case! They unravel mysteries and solve crimes as detectives, private investigators, and amateur sleuths.


TerryAB created a list with some great annotations called Beyond Bestsellers: Slightly Cozy Mysteries:

I’m a big mystery reader and reading cozies is like potato chips–you can’t stop eating them once you start. Here are a few that I’ve read this year.

To see all of the other lists that have been created so far, search for Beyond Bestsellers under List in our new catalog. Thanks for reading with us this month and remember to check back tomorrow as we move from Mysteries to True Stories!

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