Patron Picks: Gentle Reads

by Kristi S.

One of my favorite things about working in a library is seeing all the new books coming in. Unfortunately, my eyes are too big for my reading speed and I often find myself returning piles of titles that have gone unread. So I’m always grateful when I can talk with patrons about the books I haven’t gotten to read, or might never pick up personally. My world is instantly widened when I listen.

Since I work for Library on Wheels, I get the unique privilege of talking to people of all ages about the books they love. I have ecstatic preschoolers running to me with Pigeon books clutched in their arms, tweens laughing over their favorite graphic novels, and older adults discussing the authors and stories that get them through days that are often lonely and long. There’s no greater joy than seeing the smile on someone’s face when you bring them exactly what they want.

This summer, most of the older adults I visit were craving gentle and heartwarming stories. Happy endings are a must, and a little light romance or mystery is always welcome. I asked some of my patrons to tell me their favorite gentle reads from this summer, and they came through with a wide variety. Continue reading »

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Write Now 2018: Book Now!

by Denise D. 

‘Tis the Season of Learning

It’s all around us: darkening skies, cooling temperatures, school bus flashing lights, ransacked office supply shelves at the grocery store. Summer is over. But fret not. Now is the time to learn. Think Back to School is just for the kids? Not so at the library. Here, learning is a lifelong opportunity… without the stress of report cards.

Sometimes Writing Just Needs a Little Class

One of my personal favorites is our annual Write Now series of classes. Like many readers, I love to write. But, like many writers, I write best with a nudge. Deadlines nudge, but classes do much more. They inspire, provide company to combat the isolation of writing, and might even lead you to meet a writing group that keeps the inspiration flowing.

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by Brian H.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than hearing a great original song reworked into something new. You get to hear something that sounds familiar, something you already like, in a new way. A new voice, a new set of instruments or without instruments, a new arrangement, or a new take on the meaning behind the lyrics that brings the song to life again. You might find a song that you’d didn’t take to in its original version but now find yourself drawn to it in a cover version.

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Once Upon a Crime

by Marie B.

September has just begun, but fall is already on the horizon.  What comes to mind for you when you think of autumn?  Perhaps it’s crunching through piles of colorful leaves, or the first frost.  Is it enjoying (or avoiding) pumpkin spice everything?  For my part, I think of hunkering down with a cup of tea, a fuzzy blanket, and a mystery or thriller. Continue reading »

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Beyond Bestsellers: Strange Speculations

by Emily Z.

Once upon a time, I couldn’t stand short stories.

Eventually I learned I was just reading the wrong ones.

In celebration of this month’s Beyond Bestseller’s theme, I’m sharing some of my newly discovered besties. The collections I’ve collected here are all certainly something else, something quite other and strange. Their tales range in absurdity from magical realism to fever dreams and even within one book you’ll never quite be certain what is coming. To me, that’s the point of short fiction, to blow your mind free of cobwebs while wasting little time. These are the kinds of books that might warrant a break between chapters, just so you can come to grips with what just happened. Continue reading »

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LibraryReads List September 2018

by Emily Z.

Oh my. It is basically fall now, isn’t it? Have you dusted off your reusable, resin decorative gourds and nutmeg-scented LED tea lights yet? Now that the apocalyptic haze of smoke is fading I’m feeling ready for a nice, briskly refreshing coating of rain and falling leaves. Or perhaps you’re looking to reclaim the last remnants of the summer sun, now that it’s not a Lisa Frank shade of neon pink anymore? That’s alright, I get it. Given the mercurial weather patterns of the PNW, I think we’ll both get what we want, probably even at different times of the same day.

Whether or not you’re not feeling the (pumpkin) spice flowing through your veins quite yet, there is much on offer to distract us all from the rapid and rocky passage of 2018:

 The crown jewel of September’s LibraryReads is far and away The 7 and a Half Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton, a tantalizingly impossible murder mystery. Continue reading »

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Beyond Bestsellers: Short Stories

by Kimberly P.

Welcome to another round of Beyond Bestsellers! This month we’ll be tackling short stories (Yes, I know short stories are more a “format” than a “genre” but bear with me.) Short stories are probably one of my favorite formats to read, especially with the weather starting to cool down. What’s better than sitting with a hot cup of coffee, huddled in a cozy sweater, and browsing a good short story collection while the leaves change color around me?

Ah, sweet bliss.  Continue reading »

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Beyond Bestsellers: LGBTQIA+

By Kaley C.

As August comes to an end, so does this month’s Beyond Bestsellers. I was pleased to see so many ebooks and eaudiobooks check out! Now, on to our lists:

A popular trope in books centered around LGBTQIA+ narratives is a tragic ending. Not so on staff member Jennifer K’s list!

I’ve written a lot about my love of graphic novels, but manga is admittedly a weak spot for me. Thank goodness there is a list out there for this month’s manga-lovers created by user lindseyanderson!

They also made an excellent list of other graphic novels that are excellent! It includes The Prince and the Dressmaker, which is so sweet. If you haven’t read it yet, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this story featuring a young man embracing his feminine side.

There’s also a list of poetry here, if diving deep is your thing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month as much as I have. I love reading, and I’m so excited I’ve gotten to share some of my favorite books with you. As always, leave a favorite in the comments if you’ve found something new this month. I’m always glad to add more things to my never ending To Be Read List.

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Can’t Hardly Wait

by Grant P.

I recently saw a list of the movies to be released in 2019–2019! I do not want to have to look forward to movies coming out in 18 months. This is a horrible way to live. I don’t even want to wait until later this year to see movies. And anyways, almost every movie coming out is either a sequel, remake, re-imagining, or carbon copy.  DEPRESSING. Rather than simply longing for the future, I thought about looking at some movies that are coming out soon (or still in theaters), and matching some titles in Sno-Isle’s collection that would hopefully satiate you while you wait.

The Irishman, is the newest Scorsese movie, starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino and coming out in 2019. If you are interested in the Jimmy Hoffa angle of the story, check out Hoffa. If you want to see De Niro and Pacino in a movie together (where they are on screen at the same time) Continue reading »

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Accio, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone!

By Kaley C.

I have excellent news for Harry Potter fans: From August 27th – September 10th you’ll have unlimited access to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

I picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone twenty years ago at the behest of my younger sister, and the series has had a hold of me ever since. The story of a young, magical, outcast  searching for a place to belong and be loved sparked a passion for reading​ that has carried into my adult life. I’m pretty sure it even effected my career choice, though it’s disappointing that our books do not scream. It’d be interesting to see them bite, though. Continue reading »

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